Tuesday, May 6, 2014


After the ferry sinking in South Korea many companies halted all releasing and production for sometime; SMTOWN was one of those companies and as EXO's new music video was to be released the day the sinking happened, I wasn't surprised that it didn't come out. F4fighting! and I send our condolences to those who lost family members or friends in this tragic event and even though it was difficult to get any form of real information about the sinking, we understand just how grave this really was.
Nearly a month after the ferry sunk SM has released EXO's new MV which was sooner than I was expecting it. I wouldn't have been shocked if SM waited a little longer.
I won't say that I was necessarily disappointed in this MV but I did get a little excited at the beginning thinking that were were going to get an actual plot with an interesting set rather than just a dance only in an oddly lit room but if SM is anything, SM is consistent. With Miracles in December we sort of got a plot and I was really hoping for a plot in this one. They easily could have done it. The lyrics to the song are great as they talk about being unhealthily addicted to someone's love. With Engrish like "Oh she wants me, oh she's got me, oh she hurts me." "Someone call the doctor." "Can't stop this." "So bad, no one can stop her." and with their outfits in their Comeback Stage making them look like they were wearing Straight Jackets? I fully expected a mental hospital themed MV.
Then the MV began and they were walking through a maze. I got so excited thinking, "This maze could be a literal maze they they have to get through to escape this girl, or a figurative maze that's just in their minds and they're going to go crazy trying to figure it out. What's that black box D.O found? Sand? What? Oh look, Suho found the exit! No! It's just forcefield wall! Oh that's so cruel but awesome." Oh, the untapped potential of this MV, not just the MV but also the song, nearly kills me.
The song is great. I love the lyrics and the idea of them knowing the girl's love is making them crazy but they still love it. A true, unhealthy, addiction isn't good for you and you know it but you can't stop the addiction. Fantastic song. The MV was more like a Dance version of the song, which is fine, the dance was great, but I really wanted to see an actual plot especially after seeing the straight jacket themed Showcase that they did. Oh aches and sadness inside me. I really hope that this is the dance version of this song and they actually release a full MV with something that resembles a plot. Yeah, they'll release a second version of this MV like they did with Growl. That's gotta be it.

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