Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Woah. How out of it was I that I didn't even know that VIXX was releasing a new song? Four days ago we were given a teaser, i missed that, and yesterday the MV came out. I wouldn't have even noticed the MV came out, or that a MV was even coming out, if I hadn't had the random sudden thought to check VIXX's YouTube page.
VIXX's choreography is getting more complicated. I like that. As always you can see dance steps, positions, and moves from their previous MV. I see something from On and On there, The first position from Voodoo Doll was their ending pose. VIXX likes to weave all their choreography together but dance some of it backwards.. The MV wasn't super great. I think they've had better MV's. This is a typical every member dating the same girl plot but we get a mix of the Dongho syndrome mixed in here. Just like in U-Kiss' 0330 or Boyfriend's Don't Touch My Girlfriend the girl has died and the members go through the motions of being with the girl but she isn't really there so the members are really just going insane while imagining the girl being there. They've had better MV, more unique MV but this one was fine. The song was good.

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