Friday, May 30, 2014

U-Kiss teaser pictures *gasp* scandalous.

Oh my, hello U-Kiss. Well with the word Scandal in the title I cannot expect anything less than these pictures. U-Kiss keeps going through troubles. Poor group. AJ has gone back to study at Columbia so he will not be participating in this album and because Dongho left here has been another member added: Jun/Joon has been revealed to be the newest member of U-Kiss. Born in 1997, oh my gosh he's so young, and coming in at 185 cm tall this means that U-Kiss now has a new Maknae and rapper. Doesn't this mean that Soohyun, Kevin, and Eli are the only original members of this group? Hoon came in at the same time AJ did and Kiseop came in just before them. Xander and Kibum are gone and Dongho is too. Jun's cute but for some reason I feel cheated or even ever so slightly offended... Is this how fans felt when Xander and Kibum left and were replaced? I feel like Jun is replacing Dongho and even though he hasn't done anything wrong I'm a little upset. maybe that will change after the MV and song comes out. I'm having this inner battle right now. I feel upset about the whole new member thing but I'm upset at myself for being upset about this.
Back to the pictures. Seriously? Are they trying to kill their poor fan's hearts? Bedroom scene pictures? At least Kevin is still innocent as he's sitting in a chair and Jun is leaning against a bathtub. If they put that little 17 year-old boy on a bed, I'd be having some words with their management. June 2nd. I'm not sure if Kissmes can hold out that long but that's when it comes out. Let's see what this MV is going to be like. For She's Mine, I didn't actually like the song or MV at first but now I wake up with the song stuck in my head and I actually like the artistic look to the video. Hopefully this will be like She's Mine, in that I'll end up liking it. On a side note, I'm really liking Kiseop with the slightly longer hair. He's had this style for a little bit now but I've recently started liking it. And no, it has nothing to do with the fact that he is not wearing a shirt. I also like Eli's haircut. And as always, I'm in love with everything Kevin and forever will be.

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