Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Doctor Stranger first two episodes

This week we get Doctor Stranger starting and also We've Got You All Surrounded. Why do the dramas I'm really looking forward to always have to premier on the same week or on the same day?
 Doctor Stranger has started this past Monday and Tuesday. Episode one gave us background and set Lee Jong Suk's character up. The title is Doctor Stranger cause he's a stranger in his own country but I'm going to say it's because he's a little... strange. Anyway. We see how passionate he is, fiercely loyal, and a little cocky. Going into this drama I was a little wary because the teasers; they felt like a jumbled mess but the first two episodes gave a pretty strong start for Doctor. First off, I loved the relationship Hoon (Lee Jung Suk) and his father had. You could really see his fathers love for him and his love for his father; but of course, in every Korean Drama with a good parent to child relationship, the parent has to die. Stupid drama land, why do you have to do that all the time? I'm happy to say that, so far, this isn't your typical medical drama despite being about a genius surgeon. Not only is this not a typical medical drama but it has sudden touching moments that almost catch me off guard. It almost reminds me of King 2 Hearts, though not in the humorous way. King 2 Hearts had this soul to it that was incredible and on occasions heart-wrenching and this drama might have that same soul. Maybe.
Kim Sang Joong does a great job in this drama. Wether he's in one episode of a drama or he's in a full drama like City Hunter. He always does a great job and portrays incredible emotions. Love this actor, he's awesome.
I'm excited for next week, looking forward to how they make this story work.
Wow, so many stars in this drama! It was kind of like a City Hunter reunion
Oo! Oo! Favorite character so far!! That awesome guy who works for Prime Minister Jang Seok Joo. The dude wearing the Shades. How awesome is he? I'm just gonna snipe some baddies while I suck on this sucker I'm addicted to because of a little boy gave me one like ten years ago. So cool! Don't ever take those shades off.
Usually dramas won't withhold teasers for the next episode till about half way through the drama and they won't do that unless the ratings are doing really well or if they know the end of that episode was a killer and they want to keep people in suspense. It is rare that I find a drama with no teaser after the very first episode. I take this to mean that either the drama is going to be really good or the production team is a little cocky. I'll keep my hopes up and decide that this drama is going to be good because the first hour long episode flew by. I'm looking forward to the next week. Maybe this will be my intense dramatic drama and Surrounded will be my funny drama.
One last thing, this drama is not for the faint of heart. There is blood, and lots of it. And they make it realistic. This also isn't a feel good drama so if you're looking for funny, sunshine, and happiness. I have no Korean Drama recommendations for you. Maybe My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, though that one does have some heartstring tugs...

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