Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Color me impressed and maybe a little Shocked

It's like if the Synchronicity from SHINee and the Bad Boyness from NU'EST got married, BEAST would be the child. Yes, I know BEAST was formed before NU'EST but I'm just saying that if you mixed the NU'EST 'bad boy' look with SHINee's 'synchronicity' then you would have BEAST. And maybe throw in a little BigBang just for good measure cause in their more recent stuff they start to follow BigBang's style.
Now is BEAST as perfectly in sync as SHINee? No. But they are doing a pretty good job for having six members where SHINee only has five. Actually, their doing a really good job. Here is their song Shock. I'm not even going to attempt to name the members cause I could probably only tell you who three of them are. Maybe four if I tried really hard. Okay, here I go. The guy who starts singing/rapping,with the black and white jacket is Junhyung(main rapper), The second guy singing with the black vest, shirt, and tie is Doojoon(the leader) This guy singing with the black jacket and grey  shirt and cut up jeans is Dongwoon(maknae). Singer number four in all black with the big floppy collar is Hyunseung(singer, dancer, rapper). The fifth singer in all black with the large silver keychain stick attached to his belt is Kikwang(main dancer). And the final singer with the grey tank top and the black sweater that is only on one arm is Joseob(the main singer). Phew. That was difficult.

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