Sunday, August 26, 2012

To the Beautiful You

As I am watching Faith, I'm also watching To The Beautiful You/For You in Full Blossom. This drama doesn't have a whole lot in the plot category. The main girl cuts her hair and pretends to be a boy so she can see her idol High Jump. That's really the main plot. I'm reminded of You're Beautiful with this drama. There are so many similarities. What this drama lacks in plot, however, it makes up in beauty and characters.
And without further ado. Roll Call Time!!

Sulli as Koo Jae Hee: Jae Hee is our lead girl and after living in America for most of her life, she moves to Korea so she can be next to her idol, Tae Joon, after he is injured. Stalker much? Jae Hee wants nothing more than to see Tae Joon High jump once more, so she cuts her hair and transfers to an all boy school. I don't really feel anything emotionally for this character, she's just sort of there. She is terribly annoying, but in a super funny way. Whenever she sees Tae Joon, she freaks out. It's great.

Minho as Kang Tae Joon: Tae Joon is a High Jumper who injured his ankle and refuses to jump again. He's got a very cold and distant personality which might have something to do with the death of his mother and the harshness of his father. He thinks Jae Hee is annoying and is constantly bothered by her fawning over him. Poor guy. He's also got this issue with alcohol and drinking it brings unfortunate results. I'm a little peeved that they're going with the cold distant lead male with parent problems. A little too similar to You're Beautiful for my taste but I love Minho so I don't care too much. I do love that his reactions are so serious. One time he sees Eun Gyeol singing to Jae Hee and instead of reacting in disappointment, like he feels, he just says, "That fool. he calls that a song?"He totally thinks he's better than everyone else. I love it.

Lee Hyun Woo as Cha Eun Gyeol: Eun Gyeol is a soccer star with a carefree personality. He is Jae Hee's first friend and ends up developing feelings for her while still thinking she's a boy. His confusion is so freaking cute. He's always asking himself why he's getting mad at girls but having stirring feelings for a boy. I absolutely love this character. He is afreakingdorable and the smile he wears is the cutest thing in the world. I wanna bottle him up and keep him in my pocket. It has been said that Minho is a Noona killer, take one step to the side Minho cause Hyun Woo is gonna kill a few Noonas with that grin of his. I know it won't happen, but I really want him to end up with Jae Hee. He'll probably end up with the annoying second lead female. He also has the most adorable blog where he posts pictures of himself and writes captions about when the picture was taken. Sometimes the captions and pictures are light and cheery, but sometimes they're deep and meaningful. 

Seo Jun Young as Ha Seung Ri: Leader of Dorm 2 and captain of the fencing team. The most normal out of all the Dorm leaders, he has a level head upon his shoulders and doesn't tend to think irrationally. I'm not sure how I feel this character because there hasn't been much opportunity to meet him. He saves Jae Hee once from a bully so he's a good guy. I kind of like him, he's funny.

Ki Tae Young as Dr Jang Min Woo: The pretty chill Doctor of the all boy school. He's the first person to figure out that Jae Hee is a girl but he doesn't tell anyone. Yet. He decides that he needs to think about her being a girl before he makes a decision of how to react. Doctor Jang is also Seung Ri's uncle. He's pretty cool. I think he'll keep Jae Hee's secret and maybe even help her a little.  

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