Tuesday, August 14, 2012


NU'EST secretly (at least from me) released a new MV called Not Over You and it's ADORABLE!!!! Oh my goodness do these pretty boys know how to make a great video (even though it had nothing to do with the equally beautiful song)! I love  this mv!! I'm really into the pillow hugging, dog petting, book reading, park playing NU'EST. Now, I also love the hardcore, eylinered out, bad boy-ness of Action and Face, but this was so gorgeous. It showed their brotherly love and adorableness. And knowing they have both a sweet side and a bad boy side, just made them all that more attractive ;) way to make a winner, NU'EST... (haha, try not to laugh when they show pretty maknae Ren shaving, or when his hyungs pet his head....but it's pretty funny)

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  1. Dang it! You beat me to posting it! Oh well. Wow, I absolutely love this Music Video. How cute are they? I'll answer that for you, adorable!!! If I didn't already love dogs I love them even more now and I think I might have to try skateboarding... And JR, wow, you look completely different without all the eyeliner, you're adorable!