Monday, August 27, 2012

The Panda and the Hedgehog/Fish

Miss Panda and Hedgehog has aired and it's super cute!!!! I've added this drama to the list of dramas I'm currently watching, so now I'm up to four: Faith, To the Beautiful You, Miss Panda and Hedgehog, and Arang and the Magistrate. I'll post about the fourth one later.
Well I have no idea what Pand and Hedgehog is gonna be about. A bakery called Panda Cafe, and the owner Pan Da Yang hires a new patissier, Ko Seung Ji (his name sounds like Hedgehog in Korean), who has a personality to match his prickly name, and his hair it's spikyish. That's about as much as I could get out of the first episode.
Roll Call Time!!!!!!:

Lee Donghae as Ko Seung Ji: Wow, he's so freaking adorable. Ko Seung Ji learned to bake cakes when he was in prison but he doesn't want to tell anyone the truth of his cake mastery due to the fact that he was reject for a pasty job because of his background. We don't know why he went to jail yet, but we'll find out, probably when Da Yang finds out he's an Ex-Con. Though Seung Ji is harsh to those he doesn't know or doesn't like, he's got a gentle heart for his Grandpa and a soft spot for Pan Da Yang. He's also a fantastic sweet talker. Wow, golden tongue. I love him because he's Donghae, and I love him even more because of his cute smiles/smirks!! He's kind of a bad boy and seems to have a tattoo of a hedgehog on his back between his shoulders. I'm completely in love with him.

Yoon Seung Ah as Pan Da Yang: Bubbly and almost always cheery, Pan Da Yang (nicknames Panda) owns a small baker's cafe called Panda Cafe. She hires Seung Ji in hopes that his cakes will help her business gain costumers. She's funny, but I don't like how easily persuaded she is. They seem like they're make a cute couple though. He's totally fallen for her. Da Yang doesn't know about Seung Ji's Ex-convict history but I'm sure it'll be a huge problem when she finds out. :P

Choi Jin Hyeok as Choi Won Il: The seemingly reluctant President of Bakery Saint Honore, Won Il is recently returned form his studies when he meets Pan Da Yang, his first love. He's still madly in love with her and tries to do everything he can to make her love him too, but she's kind of oblivious. He acts super cold towards his parents, some sort of resentment there, but super kind to Pan Da Yang. Desperate to find out Seung Ji's past and where he learned to make cakes, he stalks him rather than doing work. He's cute, very weak, I love his hair, but I don't love him like I usually love the second lead males. Due to the fact that he's in love with Da Yang, he gets super jealous of Seung Ji and creates a love triangle in his mind. He's just kind of there and I don't feel like he'll be a real threat. He's too desperate to cause any real harm. I'll probably eat those words later.

Oh Yi Na as Choi Won Yi: Little sister of Choi Won Il. She's tomboyish and has kind of a deeper scratchy voice to match her personality. She's always telling her brother how to act but claims vehemently that she's never done any of the stuff she tells him to do. She calls him Hyung So cute! She goes to work for Pan Da Yang as a spy for her brother but I think she's going to end up loving the Panda family and want to stop spying on them. She calls Seung Ji Hyungnim rather than Seung Ji-ssi or Oppa. Also very cute. I love her so much!!! She's so loud and super funny, always freaking out and making the best facial expressions! Love her! She randomly speaks English then says how her English isn't so great.

Han Min Soo as Pan Da Na: Da Yang's younger sister. She's sort of slow and has a temper when she shouldn't. She immediately starts calling Seung Ji "Oppa"and takes his side when Da Yang and he fight. Her main complaint is that she doesn't have a boyfriend. :) I'm pretty sure that she'll be a huge part of Seung Ji and Da Yang getting together. She's super funny when she's with the fat Unni costumer. I don't have a picture for her or the fat Unni. Sorry.

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