Friday, August 3, 2012

I SPY with my little eye... a few hot Super Junior's!!

Super Junior is releasing a new music video? What so soon after Sexy, Free, & Single came out? Okay, I won't complain! Super Junior's new music video SPY from their their Sixth Album Repackaged will be released on August 5th. That's like two days away. Wow, I'm so excited! Here is the teaser for the music video. Look how hot these men are. Total James Bond. And Shindong's gun at the end, yep. I also love their sunglasses. Way too hot. And at 0:24, Donghae cocking his gun, YES! 0:25, Leetuk spinning his gun like a total boss!

1 comment:

  1. so excited it's killing me!! Even my sister likes the looks and sounds for this one and I haven't gotten her to even considering liking SuJu except for a brief Mr. Simple moment!!