Monday, August 20, 2012

We know how to share.

F4fighting! and I are a little possessive over our KPop members and actors but there are a select few who are placed in our Corner of Sharing.

All of SHINee,

All of NU'EST,

All of B1A4,

Lee HongKi,
Kim Bum,

Kang Minhyuk,

Micky Yoochun,

Hyun Bin,

Kevin Woo,
Yoon Shi Yoon,

Lee Seung Gi,
Kim Soo Hyun,
Lee Byung Hun,


  1. It's not as easy a it looks...sharing it's super hard with some of these fellas and it took much battling to come to the conclusion to share. Sometimes we still argue about it...but we just love them all!

  2. You kidding me? It's super difficult. There were a few that we automatically knew were on this list. SHINee and Seungri were the easiest to place but I'm pretty sure we fought hard over the rest of them and still fight over some of them. But really, arguing is half the fun cause F4fighting! is the only friend who has the same hard core addiction as I, which means we can be fighting over a KPop star in one facebook post and at the same time, in another post, we can be joking about how wonderful it is that we're both addicted to KPop.

    1. It's true, that happens. Everyday I am grateful to dramajunkie, that I don't have to fangirl alone. So it may seem like an argument but in reality we are just having fun acknowledging that "place Korean's name here" is freaking awesome and deserves being fought over!! Now we have a purpose/excuse to stalk them more so we can claim we know more about them! It's great!!! Although, every argument is serious as well ;)