Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oh boy do we sure have Faith!!!

So this is the first time we've watched a drama as it's aired. It is killing us!!!! Not only is it terrible to wait all week for a new episode, but it's even worse to wait for the episode to be subbed after it comes out. I'm pretty sure this drama will be the death of us, in a good way of course.
ROLL-CALL!!!!! Here are the actors and why we're in love with them!!

Lee Minho as Choi Young: I'm not going to even say why we love him cause it's obvious. But we love his awesome powers and just pure awesomeness!!!! And his hair. Oh how we love his perfect hair. Even when he's dying, his hair is still the epitome of perfection.

Kim Hee Seon as Yoo Eun Soo: She has the best reactions! Spending the first three episodes believing that she's in a dream, she's constantly complaining about what a sucky dream she's stuck in. She's super funny.

Philip Lee as Jang Bin: The best doctor around, we love him cause he fights with a fan. Yep, that's right, a fan, and he kicks butt. Most of his reactions come from his eyes. I wonder if he just never reacts with his whole face or if that's how he's making the character. Either way, I like it. 

Sun Hoon as Choen Eum Ja: Flutiest assassin. You read that right. He kills with his flute, and not by beating people up with it, but by playing it. Sounds kind of sissy? Nope, it's pretty awesome. He's said about one word so far and doesn't do a whole lot other than kill people/cockroaches with his music (which can be pretty if he wishes it to be). I'd be happy with him as my exterminator. And I love his little ponytail. So cute!

Park Se Young as Princess Nogoog: She doesn't say a whole lot but when she speaks, it's usually straight faced and laced with sarcasm. She's estranged from her husband, the king, for reasons that we are slowly finding out and because of their estrangement, he usually gets the blunt of her sarcasm. 

Kim Jong Moon as Oh Dae Man: Choi Young's little puppy warrior. With hair like a DragonBall Z member and acrobatic skills like a ninja, this character has quickly become one of my favorites. He isn't super smart but his loyalty to Choi Young is unwavering and he's a pretty good fighter. It seems that he's got some super speed power but that is yet to be confirmed. His character reminds me of a monkey... Maybe because he's always climbing on things. He's super cute but I get the terrible feeling that he'll be the one to die in this drama and that makes me sad... I hope I'm wrong...
He's the one on the left, with the spiky hair

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  1. I'm pretty sure the Queen is going to do great things. She is wise and sees everything. Her future is obviously epic.

    And I'll tell you why I like Choi Young!!! First of all he is smokin' hot with great hair. Second of all, everything he does he does perfectly. He is the best captain ever. He follows orders perfectly, he makes battle plans perfectly, he leads the Waldachi perfectly, he goes to the future and brings back a Heaven doctor without even batting an eye. He is going to keep his promise to said doctor no matter what, it is the first on his list. He is loyal even when he has reason not to be. He is honest. He is honorable and virtuous with great integrity. His magical powers are beyond legit. He is strong and trustworthy and a great warrior. And I know all of this from only 4 episodes!!! I think I'm completely in love!! ;)