Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy Sandeul Day!!!!!!

Happy Birthday B1A4's Sandeul!!! This hilariously adorable boy turns 21 today! Sandeul is the main singer for boy group B1A4. His blood type is A and his height is 178 cm, roughly 5'8". Though he is not the tallest in the group, CNU takes that title, he claims to have the longest legs. Interesting. Sandeul has, what F4fighting! and I have determined to be, the best laugh ever!!!!! Like seriously. When laughing around others, people tend to hold back for fear of looking funny or they have a strange laugh that they don't like others to hear, but Sandeul laughs with his whole heart and soul. Contagious is the best way to describe his laugh, and fun is his personality. His facial expressions absolutely kill me. And you might have noticed that he likes to put things on his head... Happy Birthday, Sandeul. Everyone should celebrate by going out, having fun, and laughing a lot! Look how cute he is!!!

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  1. haha did you mean to put his pouty face picture in their twice?? Because it's just that cute ;) Sandeul, your happiness is so free and easily accessible. Everyone should live like that. Happy 21st!! LOVE you!