Monday, March 11, 2013

More Fires by SHINee

What the? We get a full music video from EMIMusic Japan, after we already got a short version? Japanese music companies seem to be famous for giving us short version music videos and then never releasing the full length MV. SHINee's Dazzling Girl was one instance, U-Kiss' Alone was another, Super Junior KRY's Promise You. Never did we get to see full length music videos from the companies. When SHINee's Fire Short Vers. came out, I never expected to see the company release the music video in its full length. I was wrong. Well here we go. SHINee's Fire has been released in its full version. Enjoy. I still stand by my statement that they are either being sacrificed or they are being worshiped as gods. Okay, I know there's a deeper meaning behind this song, SHINee really isn't being sacrificed or worshiped, though you really should worship them. I also know that it is absolutely killing Taemin to stand there and sing rather than dance. He looks almost uncomfortable, though attractive, to just stand. It looks awkward for him not to be dancing. It also looks very awkward to watch them say the word Fire. "f" isn't a letter used in the Korean alphabet, usually "b" or "p" take its place, and the vowels don't really help. It's just a little painful to watch them over-enunciate the relatively simple word. I will give props to the company, Minho doesn't do a lot of singing in Korean albums and songs and Japan is taking full advantage of his singing abilities. I'm sad that SM doesn't do that more often.
Not my favorite song or music video done by SHINee in Japan. I liked Dazzling Girl, what I got to see of it -.-, and 1000 Years, Always By Your Side much better. And though it didn't have a music video, Keeping Love Again remains my favorite SHINee singing in Japanese song.

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