Monday, March 4, 2013

KPop Challenge Post 28

KPop Challenge Post 28:

Favorite Group From JYP:

Here's the story about 2PM. This group is a recent discovery for dramajunkie and I. We've known about them for quite some time, but we only started loving them recently. It all started with Dream High. Girls, are you not in love with Wooyoung by the end of it and also, Taecyeon? Holy cow they can dance and sing and are freaking built and attractive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, of course I YouTube everything. I love watching them dance and their songs are so electricy and party worthy. And all 6 have abs of steel that allow them to commit aerobatic tricks of magic. Plus, I think Wooyoung is just adorable. Anyway, I'm telling dramajunkie all of this and she's not believing it. Shaking her head, mocking me. You know. Well one day I catch her singing, "I'll Be Back." Turns out she's been YouTubing them too ;) Thanks to my insistent prying. So now we both love them all. Four thumbs up from us, JYP.

dramajunkie: I heard about 2PM a while ago, I saw them in a dance battle again Super Junior, and while I thought they were alright, I wasn't impressed that half of their dancing was them ripping their shirts off. I think that Kpop groups should have talent rather than just be pleasing to look at. Well F4fighting! kept telling me to give them a second chance so I let her show me a couple of music videos, and I still wasn't wildly impressed, though I did admit they were incredibly attractive and good at acrobatics. A couple months later I see 2PM and SHINee on Idol Army and that's when I took a real second look. I then found them in a dance battle against Dream Team, if you haven't see it, watch it. After those two experiences, I really started watching some 2PM videos. They are awesome and I really do like them. Way to go JYP for creating an amazing Kpop group... Actually, I think they're more like a group of acrobats who just happen to be super attractive, dance really well, and can also sing. Also, 10 Out Of 10 might have also been another huge contributing factor; this was their debut song so Jay Park was still with them. I kind of love that these boys debuted as naughty and dirty minded...
And Nichkhun? Wow, love him! Wooyoung is so freaking cute and Taecyeon is totally swoon worthy. Jun. K, Junho, and Chansung all have incredible voices. I really like 2PM. Thanks F4fighting! ;)

Shout out to 2AM and Miss A!!!!! My not as favorite JYP groups!!!

dj: Agreed, Miss A and 2AM are great! Miss A's Breathe was the first female KPop song to make it onto my iPhone, and 2AM's I Love You was the first JYP song to make it onto my iPhone. Way to go JYP!

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