Friday, March 8, 2013

U-Kiss Standing Still

Well U-Kiss wasted no time releasing their music video for Standing Still. The album came out yesterday morning and less than 24 hours later the music video is out. For the most part, I liked it. I really like the song, from what I could see of the dance, I liked the dance. I liked the outfits, though I wasn't a fan of most of the member's hair. I've never been a fan of any hairstyle Dongho sports except maybe in 0330 so his messy bun thing and the jaw length poof hair just didn't cut it. Kiseop seems to pull off any hairstyle well so I was actually digging the black. Soohyun mostly keeps the same hairstyle and usually Hoon does too but this video Hoon went blonde and I kind of feel the way I did with Yesung; he doesn't look bad, but I don't like it nearly as much as his other hair colors. AJ's hair was fine as well as Eli's, though I don't really like the part on the side comb-over look. I love Kevin but the dark brown, black, hair looked a little odd. Maybe it was the lighting but he looked like a good boy trying to play a bad boy. It just didn't really work for him., in my opinion. The dance was great, loved it, but all the flashing light and the shaky set almost gave me a headache and made it a little difficult to actually see the dancing. F4fighting! made a comment that the camera work looked like something SM would do. Oddly lit room, shaking camera, dance video. Yeah, totally an SM move. I also felt that this music video looked a lot like their Japanese single 'Alone'.

All in all, I did like the music video even though the look to it was completely different from their teaser pictures. I didn't understand the girl in the water with the unnatural colored eyes. Or why Soohyun stroked Dongho's face as he walked around him... Or the fact that Dongho is a rapper and he didn't rap in this song... Whatever. LOVED the song! I've been singing it all day! Watch the video, love the song. U-Kiss, fighting! Welcome back AJ!!!!!!

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