Monday, March 18, 2013

L. In love. So cute!!!!!!!

Aw, L is in love and he's so freaking cute! Sitting in a classroom, not paying attention to math but rather thinking about the girl you love? So cute. But you should listen, L, it's important in school. All smiles and dreamy eyes, I would love to be in his math class! Even though I hate math, I would never miss a day. I really like this cute side of him. Oh, I totally saw that the school was titled Infinite University. Clever. Two days till the track comes out!!!!! Sunggyu's teaser is tomorrow, he's got a lot to live up to. A cute Maknae with a kitty, trying to cook and failing, writing love notes to a noona, picking out a necklace, playing the piano, and a distracted student. Good luck, Sunggyu!!!! Man In Love, March 21st!

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