Tuesday, March 5, 2013

U-Kiss Collage album!

U-Kiss has been releasing teaser pictures for their upcoming album "Collage". This album will be released on March 7th!! Two days!!!!!! The teaser pictures so far:

Here is the track list:
1: Step by Step (intro), 2: Standing Still, 3: Can't Breathe, 4: Missing You, 5: Bad Person, 6: More Painful than Pain (Soohyun and Hoon duet), 7: My Reason (Kevin solo), 8: Party All the Time (Eli and AJ duet), 9: Sweety Girl, 10: Cause I Love You, 11: More Painful than Pain (inst.), 12: Standing Still (inst.).
Looks and sounds interesting! I'm excited and very happy that AJ is back!

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  1. Dear U-Kiss, you have made me happy. Thank you,