Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hoya all cute.

And we have three days left till Man In Love comes out! Today was Hoya's teaser and cute it was. Was he picking out a necklace for his girl? That's sweet of him. We get a lot of staring and smiling, a few serious looks and a laugh or two. This teaser is a little different form the other member's. The song playing in the background isn't as upbeat, softer, sweeter, and even the feeling is a little different. We have Leader Sunggyu's and visual L's teasers left. Who will be tomorrow? Sunggyu? L? I'm gonna guess they'll leave L for last cause he's visually gorgeous, but they could also leave Sunggyu for last cause he's the leader. Maknae's first, Leader's last? Speaking of the Maknae, his teaser has remained my favorite. L, Sunggyu, good luck beating a curly haired Maknae with a kitten. Two more teasers, three more days. March 21st. Inspirits, be ready! I'm curious to see how they're gonna fix the block letter problem. The letters are obviously spelling Infinite, but there are eight letters in Infinite and only seven members... Yeah...

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