Sunday, August 24, 2014

Super Junior Comeback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Super Junior is coming back? What? Super Junior is coming back? not Super Junior-M, but Super Junior? But Yesung is still in the army... He's not home yet? Who will hit his beautiful notes? I'm not sure how I feel about this.... I'm happy cause I love Super Junior, but Yesung... Okay, I can get over this.
Oh my gosh. This MV is going to make me cringe in embarrassment for them, isn't it? I think my favorite part is the fact that Shindong is the blacksmith. And Ryeowook is the barber!!! Do you think he'd cut my hair cause I can't get ahold of V to do it for me. 
Mamcita... that's what the MV/song is called. Oh I can't wait for this. One thing Super Junior never does is take themselves too seriously. I love that, I really do. 
Eunhyuk is blonde!!!! That is my favorite color on him. Thank you Mr. Simple for making me fall in love with it. But Siwon really should't keep growing that mustache. Really shouldn't.
August 29th everyone!!!!! Get ready ELF's!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

BTS Danger

The MV is out an I have been singing the chorus since it came out. I loved the chorus. Loved it. I wasn't as wild about the rapping, mostly on RapMon's part, but I know it will grow on me as I listen to the song. See that? I learned more than one of their names. Be proud of me I have been studying. Speaking of RapMon, I think he's going to be the Taeyang of BTS , in that, he will never change his hairstyle. What is this? Four MVs with the same style and color?
Vocally, BTS isn't the best group out there but I think they make up for that with the passionate and aggressive nature they bring to their dancing and songs. I've noticed that they use each other while dancing. Sometimes I feel like Kpop groups are nine members or five members or six members all dancing the same dance at the same time and if you took out a member or two the dance would still look fine. With BTS I've noticed that they're always jumping off of each other or onto each other, sitting and standing on each other, flipping each other.  I like how each member uses the other members to dance; it kind of reminds me of how 2PM used to be. I can't win to se the dance live, it's gonna be sick. This doesn't beat Boy in Luv for my favorite BTS song but it makes a good second. But the lyrics are awesome. Go look them up.
And V has become my favorite member followed by Jungkook, because his birthday is also my birthday; good people are born on that day. Do you think V would cut my hair? I really need a hair cut.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Spica-I Did It

Oh, Spica has released an all English song. I did not know this was coming or had happened, maybe because YouTube unsubscribed me from every channel I was following and I've recently been trying to remember them all. Grr....
Okay... Spica is probably my favorite girl group because they are all amazingly talented at singing. All of them. And I like their songs. I wish they were more popular and at the same time I don't want them to become too popular because I want to keep them all to myself. I'm selfish like that.
So Spica's U.S. debut with I Did It is not going to do well. That is what I'm predicting. Not because Spica isn't good but because they don't speak English and they're singing in English. I cannot think of one KPop group whose "U.S. Debut" has done well. Girls' Generation tried it and they tanked. BoA, Seven, and possibly Wonder Girls all didn't do well. It just isn't going to work. I wish the KPop industry would stop trying to have U.S. debuts because they're just fine the way they are and the U.S. Music industry ruins artists and singers.
The MV made me think "Holy Legs, Batman". I do have to admit that Spica is full of beautiful girls. But this was pretty disappointing MV compared to their awesome You Don't Know Me MV, and the song wan't as good either and it wasn't just the fact that I only could understand the chorus portion of the all English song but also had to do with the repetitiveness of the song. Spica is wonderful but they do not have good English pronunciation which would be needed in a good U.S. Debut. Sorry Spica, I am really looking forward to your next Korean song.

BTS danger teaser number 2

I've been putting off posting this cause I hoped that we'd get another teaser and I'm sure we will get one tomorrow because I like to post multiple teasers at once rather than just one and of course I've just posted this. OS five days ago this came out and we get to hear a little more what the song will sound like and what the dance will look like. I'm slightly impressed but not as much as I am by the clothes. Sometimes KPop style is just crazy and I would never walk out on the street in anything they wear. Except maybe on Halloween. It is nice that BTS keeps their style pretty normal. In all of the MV's I've seen from them has pretty normal styles. Ripped jeans, T-shirt, and a jacket. I'd wear that in public. They all look so normal and it makes them seem more human. I think V might quickly be becoming my favorite member if only for the reason that I have successfully identified him more than once.


So this MV came out a few days ago but I didn't have the time nor desire to see it right away. Taemin is very talented. I believe him to be one of the most talented members of SHINee. He's amazing at dancing, his singing has improved dramatically since SHINee debuted, he's gorgeous to look at (yes that is a talent); he really is a very talented individual. But I don't think this did him justice. The song wasn't anything special, I think most of it was him talking rather than actual rapping, and neither was the dance. Even if all of SHINee performed this song and dance I would still be disappointed because I think SHINee is one of the best guy groups in Korea. Now I've read that Taemin had his input with this song and video and I'm glad that he was able to show off himself in a way that he wanted to but I still don't think the song or video was anything that stands out above the other kpop MVs being released.
I still love you Taemin. Onew, I hope you recover from your vocal cord surgery very quickly so SHINee can come back and show the rest of the groups in Korea how it should be done.

Monday, August 11, 2014

BTS in Danger or maybe they're the Danger

And BTS is also releasing a song named Danger. I really wonder how many groups have songs called Danger.... BTS, Kara, f(x), Taemin, Winner, I think Secret also. I feel like this is the song called Lonely/Hello/Breathe all over again.
I am so happy that BTS is going for the grunge/bad boy look again. I was paranoid when they did Just One Day and I prayed that they didn't change their style. I'm sorry, NU'EST has made me forever paranoid of groups changing their styles for the worse. Very pleased to announce that I am excited for this MV. I've grown a strange attachment to BTS that I can't really explain. I don't like all of their music, in fact, I would say more often than not I don't like their music at all. I think I feel the same way about them as I do Boyfriend; all too young for me but I find them oddly adorable.
I do enjoy BTS' dancing so I will be waiting to see that and I think I might like the song. Maybe. I'm not going to say anything about individual members in this video cause I'm still struggling to put names to all of them. I don't know why I'm having such a hard time. I'll get it eventually.
Danger from BTS comes out on August 20th.

Taemin Solo album...?

I don't like the sound of that. It makes me really nervous when members get solo albums especially since SHINee recently announced that they wouldn't be having a comeback this year (pout). I don't like the idea of Taemin getting a solo album not because I don't like Taemin, cause i love him, but more because I'm worried that this will turn into another BigBang thing. I don't actually like BigBang individually I prefer them as a whole. GD is a little too out there for my taste though occasionally I do like a song from him. TOP is more rap which I would rather not listen to. I haven't heard one of Daesung's songs cause he's always promoting in Japan. I don't listen to Seungri, or Taeyang. I like hearing BigBang as a whole but we rarely get BigBang songs anymore. I'm worried that SHINee will turn out this way if SM pursues solo albums. This may just be the terrified Shawol in me but this does make me a little worried and thus I can't really be excited for this MV.
Danger comes out on August 18th. Will this be the seventh or eighth MV named Danger?

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Records of a Night Watchman/The Last Night Watchman episodes one and two.

Unfortunately this drama is a little dark, as in a lack of lighting, so taking screenshots is a little difficult. Hopefully it will become a bit lighter and we will all be able to see what's going on cause these were the best screen shots I could take.
I started this drama not knowing what to expect/having poor expectations. The trailers we were given made me cringe from the cheesy special effects and the previous excitement I felt for it started dissipating. The CGI is very cheesy. Very cheesy. I had kind of hoped this drama would be like Joseon X Files but I have the feeling that it will be a little closer to Gu Family Book. As of the first two episodes I am mildly intrigued and with Trot Lovers having major writing issues I now have a Monday Tuesday watching slot open so, as usual, I will watch at least till half way through before I decided whether or not to drop the drama because the half way point is where a drama either turns for the better or worse.
So far I think that Watchman has done a pretty good job of setting up its mythical world and I think that is due to the acting rather than the directing or writing. Everyone in this drama is very serious and committed to their mystical world. I wouldn't be half as interested if the actors weren't fully onboard. I also think the music is having a good impact on the show. With this kind of a drama you can afford to have over the top and overly dramatic music without having it seem well, over the top and overly dramatic. So far I am impressed with a couple characters: Our bad guy, Kim Sung Oh(Sadam), is noticeable if only for his complete dedication to the role because his character is crazy and he is making sure everyone knows that. The other character would be the King's right-hand man, Jo Sang Heon, he is smart. He can see that something is off with the King, and he's also pretty awesome when it comes to battles.
Oh, and if you're watching this drama for Jung Il Woo then you'll have to wait two episodes to see him cause the first two are backstory; kind of like Gu Family Book and You're All Surrounded.