Friday, June 27, 2014

Joseon Gunman first two episodes

Oh man, with so many new dramas that I want to see premiering I might have to drop one of my old ones so I'm not overwhelmed. Doctor Stranger, you better shape up or I'm dropping you like a ton of bricks.
So Dramafever was having some issues when I was taking screenshots so I could only get screenshots of the first episode, and only a some bit of it but enough for some pictures of important characters. Sorry about that. Half way point will have better/more screenshots. I promise.
I've heard that this drama is very much like The Princess' Man and if be the end of this drama people are still saying that then I will have to look into that drama. I like Saeguks. Sometimes. Joseon Gunman is listed as a Melodrama which would be a strike against it but I love Lee Joon Ki. This drama is also being compared to Iljimae which I haven't seen but I watched the Return of Iljimae and I liked that. So revenge plot, melodrama, Lee Joon Ki begin awesome. I'll look past the Melodrama title for now and focus on what could be a great drama. Already I am loving the main paring together. I love how cheeky Park Yoon Kang(Lee Joon Ki) is and how much he's enjoying teasing Soo In(nam Sang Mi) but I can't wait till the tables get turned and it's Soo In's turn to tease him and make him endlessly jealous. That will be so much fun!!!
But let's just talk about the character of Park Yoon Kang for a moment. yes he kind of acts like a flirt, and he likes to go out with his buddies. He also enjoys showing off and he wants to do things his way. Those things aside. He stepped in front of Soo In so he would take a bullet for her. That is very gentlemanlike. He doesn't really know her but he knows that she finds him a slight burden and he'd have to be dumb to not know she's annoyed by him.  But he goes right ahead and not only run into the forest with her, to protect her from getting caught wearing men's clothing, but he also steps into the direct path of a gun so she won't get hurt. He's a good guy. Cheeky, but a good guy.
Okay, Lee Joon Ki. I am huge fan of him because of how diverse he is. He can play the stiff magistrate(Arang and the Magistrate), or the driven father(Two Weeks). or the cheeky swordsman's son with an adorable crush on a cross dressing girl(Joseon Gunman). While I love the role Joon Ki is currently playing I am super excited for him to turn dark for revenge. He will loose his father, and while they have a strained relationship you can tell the two really love each other, he will loose his sister who absolutely adores him. I want to see him take the words that have been used so many times so far, "A sword cannot compete with a weapon(gun) like that", throw his broken sword away, and run with that gun.
Now I was a little worried about Nam Sang Mi was cast as a lead because, though I've never watched anything with her in it, I've heard that all the roles she plays are sad moping characters. I was a little surprised how much I liked her and I'm praying that he character stays this way and doesn't turn depressing.
Now we haven't met all the characters yet as we have no second male lead but I really like this drama so far. Drama, please don't let me down! I can see you going so far! Don't hide from Joon Ki who the villain is till twelve episodes in. Please jump into the revenge story quickly but don't make it drag forever. Maybe let him slowly figure out who is involved and have him take them down one by one till he meets the real man in charge. Make Joon Ki a fugitive, again, make his love for Soo In strong and hers likewise for him. Don't make him into a noble idiot. Okay, I know that having all of these come true would be an unreasonable expectation for a KDrama but I can hope.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Trot Lovers first two episodes

I was so happy when this drama started!!!!!!!!!
Trot Lovers has started and I wasn't entirely sure of what to expect with the description of: A stuck up genius musician helps a young woman become a Trot Singer. I am loving it. I really hope that this drama continues to be this fun and hilarious. Ji Hyun Woo's character, Jang Joon Hyun, is so petty and overdramatic; I just love it. He's so full of himself and in his mind he's a god. He's not overly intelligent but so prideful that even the smallest jab at his ego can make him do what you want; kind of reverse-psychology on a little kid to make them do something they don't want to. And his temper tantrums are so kiddish they're hilarious.

Shin Sung Rok's character is interesting. After I got over the fact that he was a crazy murderer in the last drama I saw him in, actually still trying to get over that mindset, I really just find him rather hilarious. He is odd, like really odd. I kind of hope that he really is a kleptomaniac rather than Jung Eun Ji just mistaking him as one. He's so strange and I really hope that they keep the kleptomaniac/always misplacing his stuff gag running through the whole show cause it's fantastic. The first time it happened it was funny but then he showed up with another person's phone in his pocket, misplacing his wallet, and then he lost his phone so he took Choon Hee's. I love it. Show, please keep this aspect because he's kind of adorably strange. I find it oddly endearing.

So far I think that I am going to continue to love this drama because I do like lighthearted, humorous dramas more than melos. I'd rather watch people having fun and being slightly over the top rather than watching depressing plots with outrageous decisions and actions from the characters. I really hope that the two loan sharks end up being Choi Choon Hee(Eun Ji) biggest fans and supporters. Oh, or her fashion consultants!!!! YES! The scene where Joon Hyun was burred in the ground with his head above the dirt but covered in a paper sack and Choon Hee starts singing, the two gangsters start singing and dancing while Joon Hyun jumps in as a background singer was hilarious. I was seriously laughing out loud.
Choi Choon Hee seems like a typical drama heroine. She's hard working, her life is difficult, strong love for her family. Though something about her character really fits a Trot lover's style. She seems like a girl who would love Trot music. Can't wait for her next episodes and I hope this drama keeps Joon Hyun's egomaniac style because the songs that play during his moments of self pity or anger are fantastic.
And how cute is Choon Hee's little sister?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

High School King of Savvy first two episodes

Ah yes! Man, do I need this. Doctor Stranger is kind of giving me a headache with everything that's going on and I needed something light and fun to make my Mondays and Tuesdays worth it and this might be just the ticket. I love impersonating shenanigans if they are done correctly; High School King os Savvy just might be one of these dramas.
The first two episodes gave us just a sample of the trouble Seo In Guk's character will be dealing with as he masquerades as his older brother, the new director, of the major company Comfo. So far I love Lee Min Seok's(Seo In Guk) personality, his confidence, and his slacker mind. I cannot wait to watch him hone acting like his brother to an exact science cause he's not doing half bad right now.
I am curious to see how Soo Young works into this whole thing. Right now I can't see exactly how she'll get tied up in this whole thing, maybe she'll suddenly remember the night she met Min Seok and realize he's actually a high school student rather than a business man. I'm excited to see her help Min Seok with his quick changes and figuring out the work place cause Min Seok hates studying and work in general and he'll need her help. I wonder how they'll con her into helping with this whole tricking the main boss thing. 
Yoo Jin Woo(Lee Soo Hyuk), I really do like his character and it doesn't help that I'm almost finished with Vampire Idol and loving him in that. Anyways, Jin Woo isn't a jerk. I appreciate that and I actually find him rather likable. He let Soo Young down gently when she confessed to him and didn't string her along, nor did he express any interest in her romantically, she just interpreted his attention the wrong way. As I was watching episode one from a viewer's point of view when he first met Soo Young I saw nothing but a slight interest in her as a colleague and a person rather than a romantic interest. When she helped him break off the China deal I saw his mind register her as someone who could be useful as a colleague and his attention at the company dinner was nothing but polite but with her odd mind and personality I totally saw how she interpreted the situation. Oh man, how awkward was that? That was just fantastic though I don't like the pity angle they're playing Soo Young on. I do pity her but I want to see her become a more confident woman and I think her encounters with Min Seok will do that. I am in no way hoping for them to become romantic interests because he's in High School! I have never liked Noona romances which is unfortunate because it's a rather popular thing in Korea for reasons I can't understand. So while I want Min Seok and Soo Young to become good friends, I want Jin Woo to start liking her and eventually end up with her. I can see the awkward couple becoming a real couple; that is unless Min Seok decides he's in love with her and she takes interest in him. I am also interested to find out what Jin Woo's devils are as well as Min Seok's Hyung's reasoning for bailing on his new company. 
I feel like I'm going to love this show and I couldn't wait to see Seo In Guk playing a High School Student again.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Good Luck

Oh man. The second Yoseop started singing. Man I about lost it. I love his voice, and Black Haired Yoseop is my second favorite version on him just barely being beat out by Blonde Yoseop. Yoseop, one day I will meet you and we will be married. One day.
I still have no idea about the plot of this video. We didn't really get to see anything other than what we were shown in the teasers cause the rest was either them dancing or solo shots, so I'm just gong to say that my original evaluation of this video remains true. I do believe that I liked the dance but with the darker set, lights, and far away shots it was a little difficult to tell; I did, however, like the song.  The beginning with Junhyung's piano piece and Yoseop's voice was beautiful and I honestly would have loved for a whole song of just those two. When Yoseop went to falsetto and the bass started rubbing, great contrast right there. Overall I liked this, but not their outfits, seriously terrible stuff there. Oh, and their English was pretty dang good. Yoseop did a great job with his English at the beginning, even pronouncing "loving" with not only a "v" but also an "ing". I find that if Kpop stars try and use the words "love" or "loving" we often hear "lub" and "lubin". Great job Yoseop, and while it took me a couple times to realize Junhyung was saying "elevator" and "ain't no cure for my disease" after I figured it out I decided that for difficult words like "elevator" and "disease" his pronunciation wasn't too shabby.
Final thought, who wears heels to bed? The first thing I take off when I enter into my house, or even a hotel room, would be my shoes. Let's be real here, and Dongwoon, if anything you should take her shoes off, not put them back on. That is all. Can't wait to see the live version of those notes Yoseop and Hyunseung hit. And the live dance.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Final, Final teaser for Beast

My bad, I thought the member teasers were going to be all we got but nope, we get another.
Okay, this is a song I could get into. Not so wild about Yoseop's and Hyunseung's outfits, (seriously what are you two wearing?), but the song is one I could possibly love. Hyungseung's "uh-ho" was fantastic. I really hope this song is awesome even if I'm skeptical about the MV from the teasers, though the dance looks cool. June 16th.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Final teasers for Beast's Good Luck

The last three member teasers for Beast's new MV Good Luck have come out. I didn't want to post one teaser a day so I waited till all three were out so I could post them all at the same time. Junhyung's teaser, Dongwoon's teaser, and Hyunseung's teaser were the last to come out. Still not sure what the song is going to be like but we have learned that if you stab Junhyung, money pours out of him. Good to know incase you are ever short on some change.
And after watching all the teasers in order of when they came out, I have realized the story they are telling. The girl with the black heels gets rejected by Yoseop, (Yoseop, you death glare that girl!), because Yoseop knows what type of a girl she is cause she's hurt him before, so she goes back to her room, 2047, but Gikwang is in the room next door, 2046, spying on her. Creepy. Dujun wants to go into the girls room, cause she's been with him as well, but can't bring himself to do so; good thing too, Maknae Dongwoon is in the room with the black heeled girl and they are not playing an innocent game. After Dongwoon is finished in the room he feels terrible because he knows that not only Yoseop would be hurt if he found out, so would Gikwang, Dujun, and Hyunseung. And Junhyung, I don't know how he fits in, maybe the girl saw him playing the piano in Yoseop's teaser and she decided he knows too much and has to go.
We shall see if I am right on June 16th when this MV comes out.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

More songs from Beast

Comebacks, comebacks, comebacks. So many comebacks happening right now. They all come in at once. All of them. I swear.
Beast has another MV and song coming out. Good Luck with be released on June 16th of this year and we have three member teasers out so far. Yoseop's, GiKwang's, and DuJun's. From the teasers, I have no idea what to expect from the song because each of the teasers have had different lyrical pieces at the end. Maybe we'll see a pattern when the other member's teasers come out or maybe we won't.

Monday, June 9, 2014

No More

The MV No More from Beast has been released and for some reason I kind of felt like it was an iPhone commercial. While I understood that the girl and guy had broken up, I was a little confused as to why they broke up. Did they break up cause he didn't like her picture of the wilted flowers? Or did they break up because of the wilted flowers? I just didn't fully understand their reason. The lyrics are talking about moving on so I liked that they portrayed break ups as something rather than a terrible thing that leaves people completely helpless and devastated; that does happen but they showed the recovering stages and that was a nice change. That's really all I have to say about this MV.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Beast is making a comeback

So many comebacks in the months of June! Beast is also coming out with a MV on the 10th of this month. This looks like it'll be a ballad/angsty type song and while we don't get much of a plot teaser in this I did find it rather curious that JunHyung was hiding the flowers from the girl at the end, but not in a "Surprise I got you flowers" kind of way but more of a, "I hope she doesn't see these flowers". I haven't been a huge fan of Beast's previous videos and songs. I think they made a mistake with Beautiful Night and they haven't fully recovered from it, but I will anticipate the MV none the less and always hope for another song to get stuck in my head for days on end.

The Video wouldn't load so here is the link to the teaser:

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Boyfriend Alarm teaser

What the? Boyfriend is doing another MV? Okay. This doesn't look like it'll be like Obsession but more like an angsty ballad. We aren't told when this video will come out but I will keep my eyes open  for any new information.

We've Got You Surrounded Half Way Point

We're at the half way point of We've Got you Surrounded! Sort of. I didn't want to wait till episodes 10 and 11 have aired so I'm just writing about it now. Surrounded is giving me more of a background story than I thought it would. I was expecting a lighthearted drama but we're getting some actual meat in this drama. Yes most of the drama is just plain old goofy but I have been surprised a couple times. The Chief working with Dae Gu surprised me cause I was expecting some side character to be his informant and the one he reports to. Tae Il was going to school to be a doctor then he switched to a detective, which wasn't super surprising or a huge twist but I'm sure we'll get some backstory on why he gave up doctoring.

I do think that Chief is a little concerned about how far Dae Gu might go for revenge and I don't blame him. He has a problem with his temper and if he can't control that then I'm worried that he might end up seriously hurting someone.
How much do I love that Gookie calls Dae Gu "Dae Gu, Dae Gu" which pretty much means Fish-Fish. I like the relationships that are growing among the four newbies, Detective Seo, and Mama Lee Eung Do.

I am happy that not only Detective Seo Pan Seok know but so does Uh Soo Sun! I knew that the second she found out she'd be nothing but kind and supportive to him. And while Detective Seo thinks he understands why Dae Gu hates him, he really has no idea yet so I'm happy that Dae Gu can have someone, Soo Sun, from his childhood to love and support him. He needs that love and she is more than willing to care for him. Not romantically, yet, but I think she'll come to love him in that way too; eventually.

So far I am really happy with this drama and how it has layer out up till now. I will be watching till the end to see how things work out.

Because the poor Puppy Lee Seung Gi was hurt during shooting, only one episode was aired this week making the total number of episodes air: 10. Lee Seung Gi was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery when he was hit in the eye by a prop knife. And I saw exactly where it could have happened!!! Puppy, it was dark, I don't think fans would have noticed if you used a double. Be careful. :( :(
So we are technically at the half way point now which means that I've decided to write just a little more about this drama and the last episode we've seen because I thought it was interesting.
We finally find out how Dark Capped Hyung Chul and Detective Seo are connected; they were partners once! I feel a little sad now cause that's just unfortunate that Hyung Chul is a bad guy. What made him turn?
Chief Kang, I've been wavering on trusting her and not trusting her for 10 episodes but now I know that she is not to be trusted. This is sad, I really wished that she was just a kind person who wanted everyone to be happy and for Dae Gu to forget his pain and forgive Detective Seo. Or I wanted her to figure out that Detective Seo was actually a good person, cause he obviously is!, and to help Dae Gu get over his suffering. Alas, none of this looks like it will come to pass. *sigh* We needed to have at least one corrupt cop in this drama. Oh well, I can deal with that because Dae Gu and Detective Seo will become best friends and they'll fight crime together and have slumber parties and exchange gossip! I can so see it happening! And Detective Seo and Kim Sa Kyung will get remarried and Dae Gu will be the best man. Okay, maybe not that far but I can see them at least becoming friends.
I feel bad cause the Puppy is hurt and I want him to get better so I almost wish that they had just cancelled episodes for this week and let him rest rather than still trying to release an episode. Let the poor Puppy heal and the viewers can wait. We don't want a tired hurt Puppy trying to work. The episode felt a little off but that's what happens when your lead actor is injured. Let the Puppy rest!

Doctor Stranger Half Way Point

We are half way through Doctor Stranger and I've decided that this isn't a drama to take seriously. I watch this drama and the lack of ethics from the characters just cracks me up so I now believe that this drama is taking place in a fantasy world rather than a real world. Sure, there are some doctors and hospital directors out there with skewed views and lack of morals but I'd like to believe that they don't all reside in the same hospital and if that is the case then let me know where this hospital lies and I will avoid it like the plague.
There are so many conspiracies and plots going on in this drama that I'm just going to watch and wait till the writers figure out what's actually going on cause my brain starts to hurt if I think about everything that's going on. I mean, there are conspiracies inside the conspiracies. Crazy Agent Cha, brush your hair once in a while so you don't look like a mentally insane homeless person all the time. And Prime Minister Jang is giving me whiplash with his sudden mind changing. Hoon, no, Jae Joon. Hoon, Jae Joon. Back and forth without end. Good Night, make up your mind and stick with it! I am curious to see if Agent Cha, Security Man with the Sunglasses, and the man giving Cha directions are all teaming up against evil Prime Minister Jang.

But this might be, for the first and maybe last time, I wish the lead male to end up with the second lead female. I don't know, usually second lead females are annoying and I hate them but I love Oh Soo Hyun. She has depth. She has a background, she isn't annoying. And if by some insane slightly wonderful miracle Song Jae Hee ends up actually dead and Han Seung Hee is really just some crazy Northern Spy then Oh Soo Hyun and Park Hoon need to end up together. I would have been all for Park Hoon and Jae Hee if it had just remained the two of them without the difficult to understand plot twist and death but not really a death mixture thrown in there. Hoon and Jae Hee were really cute together but then strange plot twists happened and now I actually can't stand Seung Hee/Jae Hee. She bothers me. You had better get your act together Jae Hee/Seung Hee otherwise I'm going to be on team Soo Hyun till this drama ends.

Quickly, Jae Joon's character. He is rather interesting and I'm finding myself rooting for him so he can take revenge on the Chairman. Actually, Jae Joon's plot seems to be the only one that makes sense.
The only thing keeping me invested in this drama is Lee Jong Suk. I've never watched him in anything else so he's very new to me and what he's bringing to his character is the reason I continue to watch this drama. Park Hoon is an interesting character, but he's mentally unstable and Lee Jong Suk is portraying that very well.  I almost feel like the word Doctor is a trigger word for him and he just loses it whenever he's called a doctor. As children we grow up with the idea that doctors save lives; which is true, in a sense. Park Hoon grew up with that idea but when he was taken to the North and became a "doctor" his idea of a doctor changed. I strongly believe that what happens in a person's life and the way they deal with those events shape a person and the type of person Park Hoon became was directly influenced by the things he saw and did in the North while he was trapped in the "Research Hospital". What Lee Jung Suk does so well is convincing us of his character's struggles and emotions. He's always calling himself a crazy dog and he is crazy, but Lee Jong Suk has mastered portraying Park Hoon as a crazy but pitiful and terrified character. Poor guy. And good night he looks tall. Who seriously has legs that long? I mean he's only 6'1"  and Park Hae Jin is the same height as him, but he looks so freaking tall. Maybe it's the fact that he's pretty lanky and mostly legs.
And as always in a KDrama and because this drama needs yet another twist, is Park Hoon's father still alive? If we don't see the dead body being buried then I refuse to believe that someone is actually dead and even then I'm not fully convinced.
Last thing, the lack of security at this hospital is astounding. Once again, notify me of this hospital's location and I will never step foot near it.

Whatever, Doctor Stranger is entertaining in its own way. And I will never tire of Lee Jung Suk being cheeky, winking, and doing that little tongue click.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Ah Boyfriend. I thought this MV was going to be much worse than it was. I really did. Was this a great MV? I'm not really sure cause I was having a difficult time getting past Boyfriend trying to act tough. They're just so cute I can't stand it; especially Minwoo and the Jo Twins. Those three are just too adorable and I can't take them seriously. Now I think the other members of the group could pull off the tough look, if I hadn't already seen them being the most Aegyo group of all time.
Now I'm sure with editing we're missing some of this plot but what I get is that Donghyun is Peter Pan and the girl is his Wendy. Sort of. Peter Pan and his group of Lost Boys are hanging out and for some reason Youngmin decides to make a bomb.They escape their garage/hangout and take the bomb to blow something up and happen to meet Donghyun's Wendy. Happy reunion commences but suddenly Wendy is taken captive by a strange man who takes the bomb Youngmin made so he can blow Wendy up. The members hold Donghyun back, because the green man has nothing more than the bomb to threaten the girl with, and then the bomb goes off and the girl blows up as does the green man, possibly. Donghyun is upset and decides to become Captain Hook.
I actually liked the song more than I thought I would so overall, I was pleasantly surprised with this whole thing. As always I'll be interested to see the live version because I always enjoy watching groups dance.
Last thing. Kwangmin, what was that thing on your head at the end of the video? Seriously? What was it and why was it there?

Monday, June 2, 2014

Quit Playing

The song is called Quit Playing/Quit Teasing. Hmm.... This video just really didn't do anything for me. I wasn't a fan of the message the video gave. I didn't like the way the members keep going after the girls even after they tell them no. To me, this video makes it seem like no matter what the girl is doing, a girl always is saying yes even if she's slapping you. I don't know about everyone but personally, if I push someone away, they keep bothering me, then I slap them, that usually means "No".  Hoon, I counted how many times that girl pushed you away. You were slapped by her twice and pushed away no less than five times. Kiseop, you were also pushed away multiple times. Yes the girls kept coming back and that also really bothers me. Yes there is the Push-and-Pull aspect going on but please decide if you're going to be coy or forward cause begin both is just dumb and I feel like it gives us girls a bad rap and also gives guys a false hope. If you bother the girl enough, even is she pushes you away and slaps you, she will eventually give in because that's what she wanted in the first place but she didn' want to seem too forward.
I know that fans are saying that if you read the lyrics of the song then you'll see that they aren't trying to portray that image but honestly, most people won't go and read the lyrics of the song before watching the MV or they won't remember the meaning of the song while they watch the video. They just won't.
New member Jun. Thank you company for keeping his parts reasonably innocent. He's only 17. Okay, technically because Korea goes by the lunar calendar he's like 19; still, he's the same age as my younger sister, the same age as members of Boyfriend so I can't help but think of him as a younger sibling type. All that being said, I think he filled the position well. He isn't Dongho, but he did a nice job for his debut. I look forward to seeing his dance abilities as well as singing abilities because U-Kiss likes to make all it's members sing at one point or another even if their position isn't listed as singer. And my upset feelings are gone now. I got over those pretty quickly after I posted their teaser pictures. Good Luck, Jun!
Now I love U-Kiss, I really do and I will continue to support them no matter what. I don't care they they haven't won any of the show competitions. They are very talented, they work very hard, and they produce great songs and that, in my opinion, is more important than popularity, but I don't feel like the song or video shows off their talent. U-Kiss has usually gone for the talent angle rather than the usual KPop boy group sexy angle. U-Kiss has some fantastic vocals. Hoon, Soohyun, Kevin, Kiseop all are great singers and I love Soohyun's power vocals. U-Kiss also has great dancers, all of them are good at dancing, and I've found that they can be very synchronized but from what I saw I didn't love the dance. I didn't even feel like the rapping was all that amazing. AJ is missing but that's not why I felt they were lacking. Stop Girl was awesome even though AJ wasn't there and I felt that Eli and Dongho really held their own with that song but I wasn't impressed with Eli and Jun.
Reading back through this I realize that my opinion could be a little harsh but I expect greatness from U-Kiss and this wasn't all that great. I really hope their next video and song is better.