Monday, September 24, 2012

Faith Half Way Mark

We have finished episode 12 of 24 so that means it's time for a quick character update and a few thoughts on the plot. Plot: Right now I'm interested to see where things will go. The Evil Lord Ki Cheol is being all evil and basically threatening the King to his face. Evil Lord Ki Cheol also seems to be dying, quicker than the natural man, maybe it's his Ice/Freeze powers are killing him cause he's noticeably drained after he uses them. Choi Young has sworn not to go off and get himself killed so he can protect Eun Soo. The Mole who has been feeding Evil Lord Ki Cheol information his been discovered but not removed so I'm curious what false information they will feed her...
So without further ado here is a quick character update.

Choi Young: *giggle* How can one person be so hot? Captain of the King's Guard, and a freaking amazing fighter, Choi Young is all around awesome. Now because Choi Young is the main character, we knew that he'd have layers and a complicated past with deep meaning for how he lives his life. Since the series started we've found out why Choi Young had little to no will to live. Now this doesn't mean that he goes out looking for death, usually, but he just doesn't care if he lives or dies. We learn the reason behind his slightly suicidal habits in Episode Four and then in episode 12 we learn the deeper meaning behind his suicidal habits. Though he wants to die after the past couple of episodes I think he will feel the need to live due to a certain doctor he kidnapped. Maybe? He also has the Ki(energy) of lightening!

Yoo Eun Soo: She's still so funny. Eun Soo does what she wants, says what she wants, but she can no longer dress as she wants due to some lame reason similar to 'all the men will die of a heart attack when they see her legs' or something dumb like that. She gives sass to everyone and anyone, no matter who they are. Her only goal is to get back to the future and she will do anything to get there. Recently, however, her mind may have been changed do to a hot, super awesome, warrior. Maybe the one who kidnapped her in the first place? Maybe? She is also becoming my favorite Kdrama lead female. When she and Choi Young bicker, cutest thing ever.

Ki Cheol: EVIL!!!!!!!! This man wants to rule the world, pretty much, and he is willing to kill people to achieve this goal. He doesn't really understand the concept of winning someone's heart/loyalty. Ki Cheol has some magic Ki of Ice/freezing. This Ki seems to be more powerful than Choi Young's lightening but I think Choi Young will still come out on top. I can't take this character seriously. He's a great villain but every once in a while his left eyebrow gives this random twitch and I laugh. I'm not sure if the actor is doing the eyebrow twitch on purpose but it just cracks me up. And his mustache. I love it.

King Gongmin: I love this character. I think he's the one with the most emotion. He feels pride, uncertainty, fear, shame, joy, disloyalty; he's always questioning his decisions, wondering if he's a good enough king for his people, and fretting over his relationship with the Queen. Gongmin isn't a fully grown man yet. His mood changes instantly, he takes offense easily, his self-esteem is so low you feel bad for him.

Princess Nogoog: She acts cold but it's obvious that she had strong feeling for the King, her husband. The strained relationship the two had at the beginning of the drama is slowly dissipating and the feelings she's felt for the King are being reciprocated. Princess Nogoog wants to help the King in any way possible and this makes her one of the characters that tend to act before they think which forces her into a few awkward/dangerous situations.

Doctor Jang Bin: I still love that all of his emotions come from his eyes rather than the rest of his face. At first I thought it'd bother me but I've come to love it. He also still fights with his fan, but not often enough I think. He is Eun Soo's main confident. He's pretty comfortable with her seeing as he listens to everything she has to complain about while offering kind, wise advice. He's the level headed one in their friendship, which is something she needs cause she's always freaking out.

Hwa Soo In: She is evil. She kills easily. She toys with people, even her own people, and she likes to play with men. Hwa Soo In has some magic fire controlling/creating Ki and she uses it constantly. It also seems like she's the only one who isn't drained from using her powers. Hwa Soo In has taken an interest in Choi Young, though he thinks she's a waste of time.

Cheon Eum Ja: This character posses the Ki of super hearing and sound wave controlling. He uses his flute to kill people, which is still awesome. I love his white hair and little side pony tail. Eum Ja is obviously in love with Hwa Soo In and she either knows it and likes to play with him, or doesn't notice it and still likes to play with him. I'm going to go with the former because she's always toughing his hands, face, chest, shoulders, arms. She knows that he's in love with her cause she uses him. Maybe he confessed when they first knew each other and she's just holding it over him?I think Hwa Soo In does care for him, not in the way he wants though, cause she's worried about him, she fusses over him sometimes. He also seems to want love/some form of affection. He's willing to risk his ability to hear/loose his powers in order to please the Evil Lord Ki Cheol.

Oh Dae Man: I'm going to single him out of the rest of the Woodalchi because I love him. He's Choi Young's loyal little shadow puppy. I still think he has some sort of magical ability cause of a few recent comments. Dae Man cannot drink any alcohol while others are around. Why? he claims "Death, not mine but those around me will die." I'm curious and I kind of want to see what he means... He's got this adorable stutter that becomes more pronounced when he's being pressured. I still have the terrible feeling that he will die.

I don't know what their names are, I'm not even sure if they have names, but they're two cute boys who help Choi Young. One is a skilled archer while the other is skilling with a spear. I think one of the two will die. Probably the one with the spear.

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