Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Miss Panda and Hedgehog half way mark

We are now at the half way mark of Miss Panda and Hedgehog. Here are my thoughts on the drama so far:

Panda (Pan Da Yang): She's cute, a little oblivious, and I love how she can go from lazy panda to angry bear in an instant. She knows that both Seung Ki and Won Il are in love with her but she's not sure who she wants to date. She's forcing them to do nice things for each other in order for her to pick who she will end up dating. I didn't like the idea at first, but now I love it. I think it's so freaking funny that the two men hate each other but they have to be nice to each other if they want a chance with Panda.

Hedgehog (Go Seung Ki): Still prickly and cold but a total softie when it comes to Panda. Seung Ki is a great character, he's pretty straightforward but he has no idea how to date because he's never been in love before so he has to ask his grandfather for dating advice. ^.^ His past hasn't been revealed yet but I'm worried for when it will happen. he started out hating the idea of doing nice things for Won Il, but now the two have become such good friends that they try to help each other stay in the race to date Panda. I think they're so cute. Seung Ki sometimes even jokes that maybe he and Won Il should forget about Panda and just date each other.

Won Il: I foolishly didn't think he'd be a problem when it comes to Seung Ki's and Panda's relationship but he has. Dang it. But I really like this character. He's cute. he's so in love with Panda and it took him confessing for her to finally realize it, and then she puts him in a race against Seung Ki to date her. He's grown on me but I still don't want him to get in the way of Hedgehog's and Panda's relationship.

Won-Yi: I still love this character. She's so freaking funny and she has this long complicated backstory that's super confusing and I sort of ignored it cause I didn't care... But she's so freaking cute!! I still love that she calls all of the guys Hyung and Hyungnim.

What I really love about this story is not the story, but the fact that Panda and Hedgehog talk about each other as if they were actual animals. "Aren't Pandas supposed to be lazy?" "Why is Hedgehog so prickly?" I'm excited for more episodes, and finally we have a real cliffhanger in this drama!! Up till now the endings have been kind of blah, but now we have a real one and I'm excited for Saturday!!!!

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