Saturday, September 22, 2012

U-Kiss Stop Girl

Here is U-Kiss'  music video for their new single Stop Girl. When I hear this song's chorus "Stop girl in the name of love," I kind of want to shout "Before you break my heart!!!!" Maybe I'm the only one but I'm sure there are others who feel the same as I do. Few things about this video.
How awesome are they? I am absolutely in love with this song. The English is fantastic. (If you get the chance check out their English version of Stop Girl. It's great.) Eli, Kevin. You two owned this video. Kevin... "Today is the day that I'll be flying away." Your voice is so pretty right there and the lyrics are gorgeous. Dang, sorry Eli but Kevin remains my favorite in this video. I still love you, Eli!!! The dancing was great! I loved that we actually have female dancers in this music video. Never do we see girls dancing in a, boy, kpop video and I absolutely loved that we had them this time. Soohyun's little foursome dance? Way to go Soohyun, you ladies man. Kevin's solo with that girl? Beautiful!! Definitely the best part 1:40-1:50, watch it obsessively like I do. I'm giving props to the girl for being able to dance in those heels. Walking in heels that high, while looking good, is difficult so dancing in them is even more difficult. And she was in a dress! Way to go girl! Not gonna lie, I wasn't digging Dongho's hair, hat thingy. It reminded me of Ren from NU'EST in their music video ACTION and while I loved Ren's hair. I thought Dongho's messy hair in Stop Girl should have been his only hairstyle in the video... Again, maybe I'm the only one. As always, the harmony is incredible. I am officially dubbing this group as the Harmonizers. Eli, love the hair. It's different. Usually we see mohawks that go straight up, GD and T.O.P in Knock Out, Kikwang in Beautiful Night, yours goes up and then slightly off to the side. Love it! Hoon and Kiseop needed to have more parts. I know that I'm not the only one who wanted to see Kiseop have a solo dance with a girl; he's such a great dancer that it needed to happen. Oh well... Soohyun, your voice is just continuously amazing so your part was perfect.
It makes me really sad that AJ is gone but his reason for not being in this song is a good one. AJ is currently working on furthering his education and will be living stateside for the next five months, possibly more. Way to improve your mind, we can't wait for you to come back.
U-Kiss, Fighting!

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