Wednesday, September 12, 2012

To the Beautiful You half way mark

Currently we are half way through the drama To the Beautiful You and I love it. Is it the best drama in the world? No. Are the characters adorably cute? Yes. The cast is carrying the drama more than the actual plot. A few things that have happened since the show has started:

Tae Joon is really starting to grow on me. I already loved him because he's Minho from SHINee but the character is growing on me. He started out by hating Jae Hee but as the series has progressed we watch him growing attached to her, and even liking her. He's so freaking adorable when he's jealous. Wow. Talk about boyish cuteness. Anytime when Jae Hee and Eun Gyeol are laughing together or smiling at each other, Tae Joon's jealously flares and he either tries to separate them or he tries to "inconspicuously" nose his way in at put a stop to their happiness. He's always searching for her and when she catches him, he makes up some super lame excuse and walks away. Sometimes after Tae Joon and Jae Hee have been together in possible romantic situations, Tae Joon has to release a deep breath to calm down his growing attraction for her. Still trying to maintain the cool boy look, he acts annoyed or indifferent to some of the things Jae Hee does but you can totally tell he's completely fallen for her. He'll seek out her company and always tries to protect her from any sort of harm or threat.

I have loved Eun Gyeol from the start and he's still my favorite character. His attraction for Jae Hee grows stronger each time he sees her(though he still believes her to be a boy). He's starting to get seriously jealous of Tae Joon and Jae Hee when he sees them together but where as Tae Joon would split up Jae Hee and Eun Gyeol, Eun Gyeol just watches and looks sad. I feel kind of sorry for this character cause he's so unsure of why his heart pounds for Jae Hee when he believes her to be a boy. He's constantly questioning what Jae Hee is but can't help but seek out her attention. The best moments in this drama are Eun Gyoel's daydreams and the things he does to get what he wants. With his daydreams, we get to see how his mind works. Most of his daydreams start out funny and humorous but the past couple have grown a little more serious and encompass his worries and fears. When he tries to get his way, usually it's because what he wants has something to do with Jae Hee, it's freaking hilarious! Once he decides to give her Seaweed Soup for her birthday and when she asks how he obtained this if the school doesn't serve it, he smiles and says he has his ways. Cut to: Eun Gyeol dressed all cute and dancing in front of the lunch Ajummas while singing that he wants Sea Weed soup. When the school forces three boys to share a two man room, Eun Gyeol somehow ends up in the same room as Tae Joon and Jae Hee and he claims that he doesn't want to share with them either. Cut to: Eun Gyeol literally begging the boy who was supposed to share with them to switch with him. Check out his new hair cut! I love it!

I still haven't grown attached to Jae Hee's character. She's just kind of there. I don't really care about her... In You're Beautiful, I loved Minam because she was so oblivious and dumb. Taekyung knew she was a girl, so she felt like she didn't have to put on such an act of being a boy in front of him. Jae Hee isn't dumb, but she's careless. She thinks Tae Joon believes her to be a boy, so why is she being so careless around him? It's like she came in with the intent to be a boy and for the first couple episodes she did a great job of it, but then she just stopped caring. Tae Joon is constantly having to hide the fact that she's a girl, but she's too dumb to notice it. I hope her character grows on me more as the drama continues cause right now, I just don't care about her.

Of course just because I don't like Jae Hee, that doesn't mean that I don't love Jae Hee and Tae Joon together. Let me tell you, these two are freaking cute. And we do get a couple of... Rawr-worthy scenes when they're together.

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