Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wolf Boy

Song Joong Ki stars in a new Korean movie: A Werewolf Boy/Wolf Boy. Here is the trailer I've found for it. Happy day, it's English subbed!!!! I'd suggest watching it on youtube so it's larger. This link has information and at the bottom it has the two official trailers for this movie.

The soundtrack is absolutely beautiful and the cinematography looks breathtaking. I'm intrigued by the Edward Scissor Hands feel of this movie, though I hated Edward Scissor Hands. Set in 1965, it seems like the wolf boy was part of an experiment and he's lived away from society, in the woods, by himself, his entire life. Found by a girl, she takes him in and tries to teach him how to live among humans as a normal man one day. The girl is the only one to ever show him any kindness and she starts to develop feelings for him and, in turn, he falls in love with her. After a situation involving another man makes wolf boy feels threatened, and makes him think the girl he loves is being threatened, his animalistic side comes out. The town villagers fear for their lives and start a man hunt to kill the wolf boy. To save wolf boy's life, the girl hides him and leaves him with a promise. "Wait for me. I'll come back for you."
Now this doesn't look like it will be the typical boy-raised-by-wolves story because it seems like the wolf boy can actually turn into a wolf, so for obvious reasons the love between a human and the wolf boy should be impossible. People might think this has a Twilight feel to it but I hope they don't compare the two. Twilight was just a "forbidden" romance story between a human and a vampire with no real consequences because the vampire's true nature is never revealed to the town's folk; Wolf Boy seems like it will be a forbidden love with the darkness and fears that come when it's shown that the wolf boy isn't human. (In Twilight, if the towns people of Forks realized that there was a group of vampires living with them, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be okay with it.) The similarities stop at the supernatural creature loving the human idea, so because these two stories, while seemingly the same, are completely different I hope people don't compare them to each other too much.

The running time for this movie is 122 minutes and it will air on September 11, 2012 as part of the TIFF festival but we won't be able to see it till it comes out in theaters in Korea on October 31, 2012. After these two posters were reveled people became intrigued with the movie and it's become highly anticipated. Here are a few of the movie stills I've found and if the beautiful lighting of these pictures alone aren't enough to make you want to see it, then watch it for Song Joong Ki, and if that still isn't enough, watch it for the story; if that still isn't enough, then I don't know what to tell you.
"I'll protect you forever."
"I'll protect you forever."
"His temperature is 46 degrees, and we can't figure out his
blood type. He shouldn't exist in the world."
(46 degrees Celsius is about 114.8 degrees Fahrenheit)

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