Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Vampire Prosecutor 2 Roll Call!

Vampire Prosecutor season 2 is out and we've had the second episode so now it's time for a roll call and a few quick thoughts. Season one was bloody and had a certain level of creepiness to it that made you shiver. Season two has leveled it up with the blood and way up with the creepiness. In the first episode alone we get four torture scenes and six deaths, I'm not counting all the dead guards at the beginning. Creepy? I'll say so. This show does everything it can to be super creepy. I'm really hoping that we get more humor in it cause after the first episode, I was left feeling a little disturbed, but if they keep going for horror then this show will not be for the weak of heart. Episode 2 brings back the funny, thank heavens. I also want to mention that they've kept the same opening theme song. I was a little worried that they wouldn't bring it back but they have and I'm happy. It's the little things in life. They have also managed to fix the water looking blood, definitely looks more real. Alright, Roll Call Time!!!

Yeon Jung Hun as Prosecutor Min Tae Yeon: Having been a vampire for seven years, he's still working on murder cases with his hilarious sidekick, Detective Hwang Soon Bum. He's only known Hwang Soon Bum for two years so I'm interested in how the detective found out he was a vampire. Maybe they'll explain it in this season? I hope so. There is, however, one case he hasn't been able to solve; the case of his missing sister and the man she disappeared with, former chief prosecutor Jang Chul Oh. Tae Yeon is pretty anti social but he's smart and able to figure out cases pretty quickly using his nifty vampire skills. I'm not digging his new haircut but maybe it will grow on me. He's also wearing a lot more eyeliner than he did in the first season, we'll see how that works for him.

Lee Young Ah as Prosecutor Yoo Jung In: She's still feisty and has a reckless absence of fear. Like in the last season, I think this will get her into trouble but if she's in trouble then Min Tae Yeon has the chance to rescue her and give her conflicted looks. :D I liked her character in Season One and I'm still liking her now.

Lee Won Jong as Hwang Soon Bum: A detective who likes to work slightly on the outside of the law. Basically, he's a badge-wearing thug. Soon Bum likes to intimidate and beat up people who don't help him or do what he wants. Sometimes he'll just beat up poor intern Choi Dong Man for the heck of it. Min Tae Yeon's best friend and the only one(probably not) who knows his vampire secret. Detective Hwang is the comic relief in this drama

Kim Joo Young as Choi Dong Man: Poor, helpless, intern Choi Dong Man. He's so freaking cute. I love this character. he's super cowardly and is perfectly fine working the computers when the gang goes out to catch the bad guys. If he ever has to come along to fight crime, he whines and pleads to hang back. He's perfectly fine with doing the safe stuff like taking pictures around a crime scene or making calls or working in the lab. He and Detective Hwang make the show funny cause they'll always arguing and Detective Hwang is always beating Dong Man up. They're cute together.

Lee Kyeong Yeong as Coroner Jo Jung Hyun: We don't know much about this character. He's a coroner, maybe a good guy, maybe a bad guy. He's smart and possibly knows that Tae Yeon is a vampire. I think he's a good guy, though a little creepy.

Congratulations to Vampire Prosecutor 2, you have officially made it into the KDrama category. This was only considered a KDrama, in our book, because of the big phone tassel and the Koreans. Well in episode 2 of Vampire Prosecutor season 2 we get the completely unnecessary much needed, plot relevant, shower scene, because we needed to see that he was injured and was healing, cause you know... he's a vampire, so he doesn't heal and when someone gets stuck in the gut by a knife that person usually doesn't get hurt... It was totally necessary!!!! That's right. Vampire Prosecutor 2 went there. And it was fantastic. Welcome to the KDrama world Vampire Prosecutor!!!!

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