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Nice Guy Roll Call!!

Now that we've had four episodes it's time to give a few thoughts and a Roll Call! Quick thoughts: This drama is going to be dark, not happy, little to no humor. This show is all about revenge and I have to say the lead male has a very good reason for revenge. Betrayed by the woman he loves after taking a Murder Charge for her? Yeah, you go right ahead and ruin her comfortable life with her rich husband.
I am loving this drama so far. It's full of so much pain and hurt and backstabbing. It hurts. It hurts so good. Drama, if you keep it up, you will be my favorite drama of the year, possibly of all time. Sorry Faith...

Song Joong Ki as Kang Maru: I could go on about this man for hours, but I won't. Maru's character started out happy and kind but after prison and a betrayal, he's left a cold shell of a man. Working as a bartender and a gigolo(a male hired escort), Maru was once a promising medical student with a bright future as a doctor. After being betrayed by his girlfriend, Han Jae Hee, he's out for revenge to ruin her comfortable lifestyle. I love that Song Joong Ki  doesn't have a lot of lines because most of the things he says are with his expressions and eyes. This boy can say more things with his eyes than with words. It's really wonderful.
When he does say things, it's amazing. He has some of the best lines in the drama when it comes to Jae Hee. Not gonna lie, my favorite scenes are when Maru is with Jae Hee. He toys with her mind while acting completely calm, which makes her even more nervous. He answers questions with questions and makes harsh jabs with a neutral face. When she does get under his skin, his responses are sharp and cut deep. "I don't know what kind of world you live in but you don't belong there. A person like you doesn't belong there." At one point he basically tells her that innocent children die the longer she stays in that glamorous world. Whenever she's happy, an angel looses its wings. Orphanages burst into flames the longer she stays in her comfortable position. "If you won't come down from there, I'll come up and bring you down. I'll kill your world. Pack your bags and wait till I come to get you." Yikes. She pretty much can't do anything against him cause the more attention she draws to him the more likely it is that her past will become revealed. After this nice speech he gives, she asked him where he thinks she belongs. The slums? And here comes the best burn ever! "No. Even that place would be an honor for you." OUCH!!! He has the best lines in the drama. "Let's kill them all."
I am a little confused about how Maru feels about Eun Gi. I think that he's being nice to her, a friend, and possible house(a solid figure in her life) purely to use her, but I'm kind of hoping that there's some shred of humanity left in him and he won't just toss her to the ground the second he brings Jae Hee down.

Moon Chae Won as Seo Eun Gi: Daughter of a rich businessman, and step-daughter to Han Jae Hee. She's spiteful, feisty, and sort of rude. She's anything but weak. I like that she doesn't take crap sitting down. If you threaten her, she'll threaten you right back. She hates her step-mother han Jae Hee, who is only six years older than her, and she'll do anything to push Jae Hee out of her comfortable life. She becomes intrigued by Maru the second she sees him and that leads to her falling for him, and falling hard, BUT, she's totally using Maru. He's everything her father hates and she has a grudge against her father. She also is using him to get back at Jae Hee. I think that she knows there's some kind of history between Maru and Jae Hee and the best way to rattle Jae Hee's cage is to bring Maru into the picture and use him. I'm also pretty sure that she also knows Maru is going to use her and I hope that she takes it in stride cause she's using him too. "Let's use each other to get back at the one person we both hate." Why not? (Okay they really didn't say that but pretty much) 
I also believe that she'll be the weak link in this drama. I'm not saying that she's a weak character, cause she isn't, but I think that Jae Hee and Maru will be the two that shine the brightest and Eun Gi will kind of be left in the dust. Let's be honest here, you really can't beat a man set on revenge and a woman who will do everything to try and stop him. 

Park Si Yeon as Han Jae Hee: Maru's first and only love. He loves her more than anything and it seems like she felt the same way about him, but after she lets him take a murder charge for her, she goes off and marries a rich man who is old enough to be her father. Though she promised that she'd work the rest of her life to pay back Maru for his prison time, she tries to pay him off with money only days after she sees him for the first time in five years. She acts all kind and innocent but she knows how to threaten and mudsling to get what she wants and to stay out of the streets. Jae Hee and Eun Gi have a tense relationship. She wants to forget Maru and what he did for her.
This is a character that you just love to hate. Most of the second lead females(I'm not sure if I can consider her the second lead or the lead) are annoying, irritating, and bothersome but this girl is fantastic. You absolutely hate her. She has two huge fears: One, ending up back in the slums where she's spent most of her life. Two, Maru. She has worked hard to get to where she is right now, on the arm of the Company President, and she will do anything to stay there, even if that means pushing Maru down even further. Snuff out the Chairman's daughter? No problem, if it means she's in a comfortable position she'll do it. Jae Hee knows just what to say to figuratively punch Maru in the gut. "Why won't you accept money from me? You sell your body anyway, don't you?" She's not trying to be rude she's just frightened and confused which is why it hurts Maru so much when she says it.  I honestly don't think she is purposely saying things to hurt him but she's being honest and confused about Maru's motives. She's worried that he will do exactly as he says and "kill her world,. Your past comes back to haunt you? Yep, sorry Jae Hee but your past is living, breathing, and standing right in front of you ready to tear you down and leave you lying int the gutter so have your bags packed and be prepared for a very hard fall.

Lee Yoo Bi as Kang Choco: Maru affectionately called her the Chocolate Ghost when she was little but now that she's older the nickname seems to have worn off. After Maru left her when she was so sick she was dying in their house to go help his girlfriend, Choco is punishing him. Always reminding him of what he did, always snapping at him about her being sick, and saying she should have died the day he abandoned her, Choco is a manipulative child. She'll yell at him one second and then call him Oppa and as for a piggyback ride. Maru is always worrying about her and she uses that for her gain. Though she's a brat, she's the reason Maru is still alive. If it were not for her then he would have crawled up and died after he was released from prison. She really does care for Maru and hates that she's a burned on him. She's also in love with Park Jae Gil.

Lee Kwang Soo as Park Jae Gil: Maru's friend and the shows small bit of comic relief. Jae Gil is rich and tends to easily fall in love with woman who use him for his money. He takes care of Choco and Maru like he was family and is probably the only one who would stay by Maru's side no matter what.

Kim Young Chul as Company President Seo: He's cold, blunt, rude, and totally Eun Gi's father. You can see where she gets her personality from, him. He doesn't trust women. Understandable if you're old, dying, and rich. I have a bit of respect for this character. In episode 4 Eun Gi introduces Maru as her boyfriend, the Chairman is shocked because Eun Gi has never introduced a man as her boyfriend to him/introduced him to a man in her life at all. He makes a valiant effort to like Maru, it seems like he's really trying to like Maru. "What do your parents do?" "They're dead." "I'm sorry, what do you do?" "I'm a bartender, at a bar." "A bartender? Didn't you go to college?" "I had to drop out." "Financial difficulties?" "No, I was expelled." He tries to give Maru the benefit of the doubt but because of Maru's past, it's just not possible. You seem like a nice guy, you had to drop out of college, your parents are dead so it must have been for financial reasons. Right here is where we see him being an actual father to Eun Gi rather than the Chairman. (This picture is his poster from IRIS, cause I couldn't find a good one of him from this drama)

Kim Tae Hun as Lawyer Ahn: Basically the Chairman's righthand man. He's worked for the chairman for 25 years and is the person the Chairman trusts the most. He is also in love with Jae Hee, and she knows it. There's no affair going on between the two of them, but I think she's going to start one so she can manipulate him even more than she already does. 

Lee Sang Yeob as Lawyer Park: Eun Gi's righthand man. I'm pretty sure he's in love with her cause he does her bidding without much complain. He's also afraid of her. Because he's very useful to Eun Gi, I felt the need to mention him. 

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