Saturday, September 15, 2012

Nice Guy Episode 1

Wow. I am very interested by this drama. After the first episode I can honestly say that I haven't seen many actors play cold and detached better than Song Joong Ki. There's something so emotionless about his eyes, it's almost frightening.
Premis of the drama: Kang Maru was a promising, bright, happy, young, medical student in his third year. He loves his sister and it seems that he really wants to become a doctor. After he correctly diagnoses a patient he goes home to find his younger sister passed out on the floor. As he's about to take her to the hospital, his girlfriend calls him in a frenzy claiming the man is dead. He rushes to his girlfriend, even though his sister is begging him to take her to the hospital, only to find her in a motel room with a dead man. He takes the blame for her and is sentenced to five years in prison(short sentence for killing a man). (I think it's important to note that when he finds her in the cheap motel room with the dead man, he's not surprised. I'm wondering if he was used to her being in those trashy sort of motels.) His girlfriend, Han Jae Hee, promises that she'll spend the rest of her life making it up to him. Directly after she leaves him in the room, she meets a man and tells him that "it's" done and now the man she values as much as her life is taking the blame for it. So maybe she was asked to get rid of this man?
Six years later we find Maru in a hotel with a woman. He tells her that he knows she's a gold digger and says he has no money so they should end this right here. She claims that even though she is a gold digger, she's in love with him. He says he believes her but the cold look in his eyes says that he doesn't care.
Later he tells a young man that the woman was a gold digger and he gives the man a booklet saying he got all his money back. The young man, Park Jae Gil, complains that it only took him a week of flirting with the girl. The two friends run off to catch a plane back to Seoul.
Only meters away a feisty young Eun Ki is walking when she has a sharp pain in her chest. Jae Hee runs out to make sure she's alight and after a second, Eun Ki straightens and tells Jae Hee to cut the act. She(Jae Hee) doesn't really care about her(Eun Ki) and even though Jae Hee is married to her father, it doesn't mean anything. Marrying a rich man who is old enough to be your father, pushing out his former wife so she could get her paws on his money, Eun Ki makes it very clear that she doesn't like Jae Hee or Jae Hee's little parasite son. These two are obviously not on very good terms and while Jae Hee seems to look shocked, I'm pretty sure she's heard this speech before.
On the plane ride back to Seoul, Maru gets up to wait for the bathroom to become available and as soon as the door opens a woman falls into his arms. His attitude is all 'I'm more than willing but this is a public place.' This poor boy must have this sort of thing happen to him all the time. But this girl is Eun Ki and she's breathing heavily and running a high fever. She starts to collapse and Maru gently lowers her to the floor. His medical training kicks in and he quickly checks her pulse only to be interrupted by the fight attendants freaking out of Eun Ki. Maru's cold demeanor comes back and he walks to his seat as the plane staff desperately calls for a doctor. Set on ignoring this, Maru closes his eyes and puts on his music.

Luckily Jae Gil pesters him, saying he knows Maru has medical training and he could help this person, until he relents and walks up to Eun Ki. He quickly checks a few more vitals, declares the situation serious, and then asks for Eun Ki's guardian. Low and behold, Jae Hee is the one to walk up and respond. One of the flight attendants quickly introduces Maru as the doctor. He corrects her, while staring straight at Jae Hee, he's not a doctor, he had to drop out of Med School when he was in his third year. Woah, that was a total accusation he just made! Maru then asks what Jae Hee's relation is to this woman. Jae Hee's still a little startled from seeing Maru and stutters that she's Eun Ki's mother, not biological, but this is the daughter of her husband. To pour more salt in the wound, Jae Hee's little boy cries out for her and she quickly goes to comfort him. Trying to compose himself, Maru asks how long till they land, at least 30 minutes. Rubbing his hands with alcohol, he quickly readies needles while telling everyone that Eun Ki could die at any moment. He uses the needles by sticking them into her chest to remove any water and air out of Eun Ki's lungs. Once she starts coughing up blood, Jae Hee freaks out and tells him to stop. Maru asks if Eun Ki was in any car accidents where she injured her ribs. When Jae Hee doesn't answer he snaps that she should know if Eun Ki has snapped any ribs because "aren't you her mother?"
He doesn't wait for an answer and instead sticks another needle into her chest even though she's still coughing up blood. Jae Hee screams, "You're not even a doctor! I told you to stop!" Uh-oh... The look Maru gives her. I shivered. With this look in his eyes, I fear for Jae Hee's life right now. Yikes. I'm exicted and nervous to watch the next episode because after what Jae Hee just said, I'm pretty sure Maru is really going to commit a murder. Right there on the airplane.

Why I'm super intrigued by this drama? They don't tell us anything. We know Maru took the blame for the murder Jae Hee committed but we don't know why he'd take it. We don't know anything about the background of these two. It's obvious that he's completely in love with her because he left his incredibly sick sister on the ground to go to Jae Hee. It also seems that he's more in love with her than she is with him cause when we see her six years later, she is married and has a little boy who looks to be around five. If Maru's prison sentence was five years, then you either: got married shortly after he was incarcerated and then has a child a year later, or got married a year after he was incarcerated and immediately had a child. It doesn't matter which of the two is true cause leaving the man WHO TOOK A MURDER CHARGE FOR YOU is no way to repay him.
We also don't know a lot about Eun Ki. We know that she is the daughter of a very wealthy man, she's feisty, she's very sick, possibly was in a car accident, and Jae Hee is her step mother and they don't get along.
Maru. Oh boy. I love Song Joong Ki, so much and I love watching him play the flirty, cute, kind soul(in SKKS), but I think I like him better when he's dark... It takes a good actor to be look completely void of emotion while still putting so much(emotion) into the character. Wow. Those eyes and that face. One could say that it's blank and dead looking but the emotion Song Joong Ki puts into that dead look is an incredible amount. Let's quickly take a look at the complete 180 he did in this episode:
Cute, happy, med student. So cute!!
Bam. Void of human emotions. A man betrayed.
I'd venture to say that the betrayal left him a completely different person. He seriously didn't care that Eun Ki was dying even though he had medical knowledge. No human would leave a person to die if they had medical training unless they were trying to kill them. But Maru just didn't care.
I'm so happy that I fell in love with Song Joong Ki in SKKS and I added him to my bias list. I am super excited to keep watching this drama.

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