Monday, September 3, 2012

The hottest Aliens I've ever seen

EXOExo-K/Exo-M is a new twelve member group who sings in Korean and Mandarin. (Exo-K sings Korean, Exo-M sings in Mandarin). There re six members are in each of the two groups. The whole idea with the band is that they're aliens from the ExoPlanet. So cute. Each member has a particular "superpower" :) and the whole group has an obsession with eclipses, both Solar and Lunar.

Suho: Leader. Superpower: Water
Baekhyun: Superpower: Light
Chanyeol: Superpower: Fire/Flame
D.O: Superpower: Earth
Kai: Superpower: Teleportation
Sehun: Maknae. Superpower: Wind

Kris: Leader. Superpower: Flight
Xiumin: Superpower: Frost
Lu Han: Superpower Telepathy
Lay: Superpower: Healing
Chen: Superpower: Lightning
Tao: Maknae. Superpower: Time Control

Debuting 2012, SMTOWN released 23 teasers for the band members. If you have the time, watch all 23 trailers. Some of them are dancing videos, others are just standing there looking pretty. I like them all but because it would be a little extreme to post 23 videos, I've chosen my top eight favorites. Or rather, my top six favorite members. :D I also love D.O., Baekhyun, Kris, Xiumin, Suho, and Chen, but their teasers weren't as cool as the other ones. A lot of the teasers have Kai in addition to another member and that is because Kai is the face of EXO and he really is very talented so why not use him in half the videos?

Teaser (2): Lu Han(Exo-M) and Kai(Exo-K):

Teaser (3): Tao(Exo-M):

Teaser (12): Kai(Exo-K) Lay(Exo-M):

Teaser (13): Sehun(Exo-K):

Teaser (14): Kai(Exo-K):

Teaser (20): Chanyeol(Exo-K):

Teaser (22): Lay(Exo-M) and Sehun(Exo-K):

Teaser (23): Kai(Exo-K): Really, this is most of Exo-K and Exo-M but it's labeled as Kai's teaser cause he's the main dancer.

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