Tuesday, November 27, 2012

1000 Years, Always By Your Side

Yesterday/today, EMIMusicJapan released another SHINee music video. I love this video, at first I was incredibly confused but after reading up on it, I now understand what is happening. For those of you who have seen this video and were as confused as F4fighting! and I, let me quickly shed a little light.
SHINee are portraying Shinigami, which are Japanese death spirits. Shinigami are used to make sure a person dies when he or she is supposed to and to make sure that a person's spirit makes it to the afterlife safely. This is very similar to our American idea of a Grim Reaper, thought there are multiple Shinigami where as there is only one Grim Reaper. I was very happy that I at least understood what role SHINee played in this video. The lot of this video goes as follows: The Father in this video is dead, we don't know how he died but he is no longer with the family. His son is sick with something that requires an operation and the father wants to make sure his son pulls through the surgery before he moves onto the afterlife. After the son's surgery is completed, the father releases balloons near the hospital as a last message of hope to his son and wife. It's a really sweet plot and the director did a great job in the execution.
I absolutely love how the director uses light in this video. Yep, I'm talking about lighting, shocking, I know. He uses a sepia tone during the scenes at the bus stop to signify that the people in the shot are dead. When we have scenes that are in the past, the happier memories, we get a bright etherial lighting. During the present time scenes, the lighting is pretty normal but he uses shadows to represent those who are dead. A very beautiful music video.
Time for SHINee!! Oh SHINee. How I love them. Clothing is the first thing I'm going to talk about. The victorian-esque look really suits them. I love the black, the ruffles, the gloves, the shoes. I love their outfits! All the props they carry look like things they would use rather than just props. Onew's cane and Taemin's umbrella don't just look like random props, they look like items those two would hold or even use. Key's book and keys ^.^ seem useful. The song talks about inserting a key and opening your heart so the keys do have a purpose rather than just being cute, and the book is some sort of record of the people who are dying and who should be at the station and with he help of Jonghyun's watch they can see what time each perso is supposed to be there. Minho's ball and monocle aren't really useful but they still fit with the victorian style. I am so in love with Onew's top hat and Taemin's bowler hat, they look so cute! And the little Fighting! they give the father as the bus leaves the station was fantastic. And nothing is cuter than watching SHINee play with balloons.
Now I want to talk about SHINee as a group. I'm so impressed with how far SHINee has come from their Noona admiring "boys next-door" to their current more mature adult look. Taemin especially has come a very long way. When SHINee first debuted, Taemin was just the main dancer, a boy with a very small voice and he didn't sing a lot; currently, Taemin is an actual singer in SHINee. His voice has matured very nicely and he has worked so hard to get to the point he is now. I'm so proud of this amazing Maknae. Way to go Taemin. SHINee really is one of the most talented groups out there right now. They have amazing singers and I'd venture to say that they are the best dancers currently in the industry. Speaking of dancing, there isn't any in this music video. Very strange for SHINee but oddly enough, it doesn't look wrong for them not to dance. They look amazing without their dancing skills, which just proves how much they have progressed as artists.
Great job SHINee. Fighting!!

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