Friday, November 2, 2012

I Miss You

Micky/Park Yoo Chun is starring in a new drama!!!!! Entitled "I Miss You/Missing You/I Want To See You". Be ready for what looks like a drama full of pain and sadness. The plot goes as follows.

Soo Yeon(Yoon Eun Hye*. Starred in Goong and Coffee Prince) is a 15 year-old victim of bullying at her school because her father is a murderer. Jung Woo(Yoo Chun*. Starred in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Rooftop Prince, as well as Miss Ripley) becomes her ally and protects her from the bullies. The two end up falling in love but an accident separates them. Years later, Jung Woo is now a detective and has never forgotten his first love. Soo Yeon is a fashion designer and still carries the scares of her childhood though she tries to mask it with a bright personality. Now as adults, fate brings them together once again but Soo Yeon has a lover, Hyung Joon(Yoo Seung Ho), and he is determined to take vengeance on Jung Woo.
*These two actors play the characters when they've grow up, they have younger actors for the teenage versions.

This drama is a Melodrama. Episode Count: 20. Air Date: November 7th, 2012. Days Aired: Wednesdays and Thursdays. This drama will take over the slot Arang and the Magistrate occupied.

Here are the teaser pictures and posters for this drama!!!!! SO excited!!!! I am totally digging Yoo Chun's new hair cut!!!!! After Rooftop Prince's long hair and bowl type cut, I needed to see Yoo Chun with a different hair style and this one is fantastic, super good looking!! How do you think Yoo Chun looks in a uniform?
There are a lot of posters and stills from this drama but I'll only post a few of them.
P.s. The last few pictures are of the two main characters when they were 15.

My heart burns for these two teenagers in love, and the drama hasn't even started!!!
Here are the trailers for this drama:

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  1. So excited for this Drama! I going to watch it every week!! Yoochun, I love you. Do me proud. And, dramajunkie, he looks good in anything ;)