Wednesday, November 21, 2012

KRY Teasing us with a Teaser

OH MY FREAKING HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow. I about cried when I watched this teaser video. Wow. My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE singing trio of ALL TIME is releasing another song. In fact they're releasing an album!! In Japanese! Now this album is only two songs, the second song being called "ハナミズキ (Hanamizuki)", but that's alright. the Title song, and the MV teaser, is call Promise You and the album will be released on January 23, 2013. Ouch. KRY, why are you making us wait that long? Such torment!! Oh. Okay. Now onto the teaser video.
I love the lighting in this video. It's very bright but muted, not dulled, but it does look like a sheet of tissue paper has been put over the screen. I also love their clothes, very classy, sharp, and gorgeous! Not gonna lie, I'm not wild about Yesung's hair, he's gone back to blonde; I like it best when he's dark brown, black or even that red he was sporting for a short amount of time. Not blonde. Don't like the blonde as much. Sungmin and Eunhyuk can go back to blonde but Yesung shouldn't, he looks strange. Kyuhyun just as beautiful as he always does. And Ryeowook.... That high note he hits in this teaser seriously made me want to cry. That was... beyond words beautiful. Wow, I didn't even count how many times I replayed that one and a half second section. That was... breathtaking. And of course he looks amazing, as always. *sigh*
Well here is the teaser video, watch it over and over again like I did. Love it as much as I did, and then bawl when you see the release date posted for two months later. *Sob* So beautiful!

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  1. Dear Kyuie, What the heck? You're gorgeous. So excited for this song/mv. Agree that Yesung doesn't really look spectacular blonde, he doesn't look awful...but not his best look. SuJu KRY fighting!!