Monday, November 26, 2012

Chanyeol's day of birth!

Happy Birthday to Exo's Chanyeol, the boy with the beautiful face, great hair, and a voice that doesn't match the rest of him! No seriously, when I first saw him, I thought he was pretty and then I was listening to Exo's Two Moons and I was shocked to hear what his voice sounded like. It sure doesn't match the rest of him. Today, Chanyeol turns 20 and he is said to be one of the most hyper members of EXO and this makes total sense because, really, he is just a kid. Here are a few pictures of him and then I'll post him and Kris singing Two Moons so you can see what I mean about body and voice not matching. He is the one talking/rapping at 0:19

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