Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Baby you're like a Caffeine

Today Yang Yoseob's solo song "Caffeine" was released... Well it isn't really just Yoseob singing, Junhyung makes an appearance and he raps through most of the song. I want to say that I liked this music video, but I didn't. I don't like this side of Yoseob. The bad boy, dark side is Junhyung, it just doesn't fit Yoseob. Usually, I would love nothing more than for Yoseob to dance in my kitchen but i didn't like the dance. At all. I hated that they used wires in his dancing, he's so much better than that. I just didn't like it. I hated the idea of Yoseob being addicted to the girl, then she cheats on him with Junhyung, and Yoseob starts pushing her around. It sends the wrong message. Angry, abusive, boyfriend is not the type of image you want. You can be a sexy bad boy without being abusive.
This pains me to say it but, I didn't even like the song. This song didn't show of Yoseob's vocal talents. He's an amazing singer and for his first solo, the song should show what he can do.
I still love Yoseob, I still think he is attractive, a wonderful singer, an amazing dancer, his hat trick makes me fangirl super hard, but I don't think he should go for the bad boy image. He does look amazing in a suit and tie. Nothing is hotter than a man in a sharp cut suit with a tie and Yoseob pulls it off wonderfully. But I still didn't like the music video. Sorry Yoseob.

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