Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Kevin!!!!

Oh my gosh! Today is the beautiful Kevin Woo's birthday!!! He has one of the most angelic voices I've ever heard and he is a beautiful person. Today he turns 21. Kevin is just all around perfect, his voice is beautiful, his personality is super sweet, he never gets mad, his English is flawless, and he does some of the best Aegyo! Kevin, we cannot get over how much we love you. No seriously, F4fighting! and I both pegged you as our favorite in U-Kiss right away, and then we fought over you, and then agreed that you're more than worthy to be placed in our Corner of Sharing. We love you!!! I mean, how can you not love that beautiful face? The song at the end is one he sang when he was back in his old group, Xing, and honestly, no girl in her right mind would ever want to forget her memories with Kevin.

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  1. Oh wow. Kevin, saranghae!!!!! That is a beautifully tragic song!! I'm like tearing up...yet it's on replay. ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GORGEOUS!!!! A special shout out thanks to mine and dramajunkie's friend for introducing us to U-KISS and Kevin!! Forever in her debt! He's just SO cute!! and so is his English! and Singing...etc!!