Saturday, November 3, 2012

축하 해요, T.O.P-shi Oppa!!!

Dear Choi Seung Hyun Oppa,

      Thank you. Thank you for being born. Thank you for working so hard. Thank you for being gorgeous. Thank you for your beautiful, deep, mesmerizing voice. Thank you for singing. Thank you for rapping. Thank you for your long, thin legs. Thank you for joining BigBang and becoming T.O.P Thank you for your dancing skills, seriously. Thank you for your ability to make every girl, particularly me, swoon. Thank you for your face and stunning (literally) eyes. Thank you for your always perfect hair. Thank you for your style. Thank you for being the best Hyung to your fellow BigBang members. Thank you for your killer personality, overwhelming politeness and perfect formalities.  Oppa, you are fantastic, baby. T.O.P-shi, saranghae. I love you.

November 4, 1987
He's 25 today.*fans self*

Love Forever, 화이팅,


<3 T.O.P/Tabi/Tempo/Choi Seunghyun <3


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY T.O.P, Oppa!!!!!!!! We love you so much! Oh I can't get over how amazing he is. Saranghae!!! I loved your little letter to him, F4fighting!!

    1. Thanks ;) He's the greatest, that TOP *sigh* <3 him...