Monday, November 26, 2012

Humanoid...or not?

TVXQ's new MV Humanoids!! 
I'm not crazy about it, but I liked it. The song is pretty catchy and I liked their dancing . I wouldn't call their dancing worthy enough to say, "Yeah, we are Humanoids!" But I liked listening to them say it!! Their cute little colored jackets are FANTASTIC ;) The head spin at 3:21 is classic. Loved that. Overall, good job, TVXQ!!! Fighting fighting!!!

Also, here is Catch Me, because we never posted that MV if you want some more recent TVXQ!! 

1 comment:

  1. Overall, I thought this song was just kind of alright. I didn't like it any less than I liked Catch Me, but I didn't really love it. I thought the dancing was decent but not as good as I know they are capable of doing. They weren't vry synchronized for a two person group... I did love their little head bobble/roll thing at 3:21. I giggled when they shouted "Everybody make some noise." and then they did the wave. *giggle* They did the wave. It makes me laugh. I will say, however, I'm getting a little disappointed with SM; more specifically, their clothing and set/stage choices. I feel like SM is getting lazy and has started dressing all their groups in the same colors and style. I said this was Younique's Maxstep and I'm going to say it again here; this looks like an EXO music video. The colors and the setting look like TVQX raided EXO's wardrobe, the shiny metallic jackets not their cute colored ones. Despite that issue, which I am constantly having with SM, I thought the song was catchy enough. Will I start randomly shouting "Yeah, we are Humanoids!"? Probably not but it could grow on me so you never know.
    I apologize for not posting Catch Me, I thought I did. Quick comment on it. I didn't really like it and I easily forget the tune. I liked their little light arm thing but I thought it was pointless apart from the fact that it looked cool. I hope they keep working hard.