Sunday, November 4, 2012

Joint Group?

SMTown recently released a song by a joint collaboration group called "Younique" consisting of Dancers: Taemin-SHINee, Luhan-EXO-M, Kai-EXO-K, Henry-Super Junior-M, Eunhyuk-Super Junior, and Hyoyeon-SNSD/Girls' Generation. Truthfully, I've been wondering when one of the companies would make a collaboration group. I knew it was only a matter of time but I wasn't sure who would be the first to put it out there. SMTown obviously won.
Few things I want to say about this video and the group:
1. I think it's a great idea to take some of the best dancers and put them in a group together but what I think they should have done was make an all male group and an all female group rather than five guys and one girl thrown in there, cause she looks completely out of place.
2. This feels like an EXO music video. Cause EXO is usually wearing sparkly, white, gold, silver, grey, and black clothing, the wardrobe choices make this music video feel like EXO members are featuring others. Though they kept with EXO colors, I'm very happy that they stayed within each of the dancers' styles. Henry's outfit looked like something he would wear as did Taemin's. Kai and Luhan wear those type of clothes in their music videos. Eunhyuk... okay not so much with his outfit but I still love him. And I have no idea if Hyoyeon would wear that.The dance style is also very EXO-esque. They tend to do sharp jerky movements and this dance was packed with those moves. I'm not complaining too much cause I do like EXO's dance style but it felt a little wrong to watch the fluid Taemin and smooth Eunhyuk dance harshly.
3. It's a little odd to hear Luhan and Henry, two Chinese speakers, sing in Korean. They did a good job, I think, but their accents were funny, but very cute, and that's nothing against them but I'm so used to hearing them sing in Chinese that this threw me off a little.
4. Kai and Taemin both have a very similar face shape, body type, similar voices, they did their hair the same, and dressed them in very similar shades. See a problem? Yeah, difficult to tell them apart in this video. Not impossible, but at first glance you might be a little confused.
5. Notice that Eunhyuk is Super Junior's rapper, Henry is one of Super Junior-M's rappers, Kai is one of EXO-K's rappers, Luhan is one of EXO-M's rappers(he is also one of their main singers though), Taemin doesn't exactly rap but he isn't really a singer for SHINee, I'm not sure about Hyoyeon but from this video I'd say she's more of a rapper than a singer... So you get six rappers/dancers together and you get a rap/dance video. I actually really liked this video, to the point where I've probably added about fifty views to it. I liked the dancing, I loved the song/rapping, I loved all the members, sort of for Hyoyeon, but I'm curious if this is going to be a permanent group or if this was a one time thing and if it is a permanent thing, will they'll only do rap songs?
P.s I'm totally digging Taemin's hair. When on Earth did you go from beautiful and cute to super hot and gorgeous? And Kai's scream at :029?  Loved that. By the way Kai, I totally saw that you tried to sneak in showing us your stomach at 2:58. Eunhyuk, how dare you let another person show off their abs while you don't? Slacker. ;)
I really want them to do a dance only version of this song!!!!!!!
So here is Younique's Music Video for their new song "Maxstep". How do you guys feel about this group?


  1. Well...I really super loved Kai's and Henry's screaming that was truly fantastic. Taemin looked completely gorgeous!! Like even more than normal!! *fans self* I thought Eunhuyk's boxing outfit was great and I liked his rapper part. I even like Hyoyeon's part! I thought she sounded really awesome! And kept up with the boys perfectly!! Kai and Lu Han were decent. So, I think I liked the video overall ;)

  2. I've now watched it like several 1000's of times. And I think I love it. The screaming, the dancing, the gorgeousness of all of them, but for some reason mostly baby Taemin. He. Is. Beautiful. There is lots of rapping, but I decided it sounds really good!!!!!!! The part where they're a car?! Yeah, that's great...and *agrees with dramajunkie* Eunhyuk where were your abs?? How could you allow such a thing?!? ;)

  3. I loved Henry's scream!!!!! I can't believe I forgot to mention that. I'm really happy that SM brought him back. He's so talented and I felt like they were almost wasting him with just Super Junior-M. Super happy that he was the one singing the English part because out of all of the members in this group, his English pronunciation is the best. I'm pleased with how big a part he got in this music video and song.
    I'm not saying that Hyoyeon's part wasn't good, I reread my post and that's what it sounds like, but I totally forgot that she was in the group till she came in at the end and I was like "Woah, when did you get here?" She did a great job keeping up with the guys and I liked her rap part but I still felt that she was a little out of place. Maybe the clothes threw me off.

  4. And of course Taemin was so gorgeous. Though, personally I believe that, these are the best dancers in their groups, Taemin stood out the best. I'm pretty sure that, that boy has music running through his veins rather than blood.

  5. P.s. I really want to see this live!! That would rock!!!!!