Tuesday, April 30, 2013


*sigh* This is why we love 2PM... We have a teaser for their upcoming album "Grown". We don't really know too much about the songs on the album but we do know that there will be 12 songs and some of them were written by the members themselves. The teaser also doesn't give us much information on the album. I had to watch it like half a dozen times before I realized that they don't give a release date, or an estimated release date. The teaser was a little... distracting... My first thought after seeing this teaser, okay maybe my third thought cause my first two were about how attractive they are, was that it kind of looks like a stalker fangirl snuck into their apartment and she's videoing them while they do normal things like change and drink water and fix their lightbulbs (which shouldn't produce that much sweat but whatever). Chansung, if you want, you can come change the lightbulbs in my house, I'm not tall enough to reach them. :)

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  1. Bahahahha this is SO 2PM. I love it. And the cat at the end trying to copy the hot, shirtless boys poses was WAY cute. Wooyoung...you are looking quite well. I'm just saying...