Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gu Family Book has started!

Well the Gu Family Book has started and it is killing me. Character introductions!!!!!

This will be a little hard to do considering our main characters haven't been introduced yet/some of them probably not even born yet... Should I wait till episode four to do this or just do another one next week? Yeah, I'll just post another one next week.

Gu Wol Ryung(Choi Jin Hyuk): Holy Guardian God of Mt. Jiri. Though never actually specified, we assume he is a Gumiho. Kind hearted, curious, love humans, protector of butterflies, wicked awesome ability to control the forest, Wol Ryung is all around cool. He falls in love with run away human state slave, Yoon Seo Hwa, and rescues her from those who would wish her harm. Marries Seo Hwa and is the father of her child, Kang Chi.

Yoon Seo Hwa(Lee Yeon Hee): Previously a nobleman's daughter but once her father is wrongfully accused and killed, she is sold to the local Gisaeng House as a state slave. She flees after learning that the man who killed her father is coming for her. With the help of her brother and sister-like handmaid, she runs in the forest but becomes too weak to keep running and eventually faints, only to be saved by Wol Ryung. The two end op marrying each other but after a few bad decisions made on her, and his, part she ends up betraying Wol Ryung and causes his death. Only after Wol Ryung is dead does she find out that she is pregnant with his child, Kang Chi.

Dam Pyung Joon(Jo Sung Ha): A bad-ish guy who hunts Seo Hwa and Wol Ryung. He does seem to have a heart as she shows compassion and even regret towards the end of episode two.

Yoon(Lee David): Seo Hwa's younger brother. he loves his sister and it seems he almost has a crush on Seo Hwa's Handmain, Dam. After helping his sister flee, he is captured and hanged.

Dam(Kim Bo Mi): Seo Hwa's handmaid. Definitely has a crush on Yoon. After helping Seo Hwa escape and watching Yoon hanged, she hangs herself.

Sojung(Kim Hee Won): Wol Ryung's monk friend who tries to persuade Wol Ryung against loving a human.

Jo Gwan Woong(Lee Sung Jae): Evil to the core! Betrays his friend, kills him, then tries to rape Seo Hwa, no chance of redemption for this incredibly evil character. I hope he dies.

Park Moo Sul(Uhm Hyo Sup): The man who finds baby Kang Chi after Seo Hwa puts him in a basket. He decides to raise the baby.

Chun Soo Ryung: the head Gisaeng. Cold hearted, but gains some compassion towards the end, even if it's a little late.
I'm not going to mention Kang Chi in this post because, although he does appear in the second episode, his character is played by a baby, not Lee Seung Gi. He'll come in the next post along with Suzy, Sung Joon, Lee Yoo Bi.

I have never been so emotionally scarred by the first two episodes of a drama like I have been by this one. King 2 Hearts left me wanting to die but it took a full drama to make that happen. This drama has made me hurt so much in the first two hours and I love it. Pain. I was no expecting so much pain and sadness. I love it. I could watch a whole drama with Seo Hwa and Wol Ryung. Those two actors did an incredibly job at putting so much feeling and emotion into their characters in two episodes than most can do in twelve. Truly stellar. On that note, I'm glad they kept the backstory to a minimum of two episodes. Though I loved those two, I already knew their story and what their fates were; I wanted to get onto the main story rather than petter around a backstory for a quarter of the drama. I love how the mystical elements are used in a way that makes them almost seem believable. Almost. If this is what the backstory is like, I can't wait to watch the main story! A very strong and captivating start to what has the possibility to be a really good drama.

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  1. Four words: bawled. my. eyes. out. Most tragic love story I have ever heard in my life. Ever. Gumiho's have become my all time favorite mystical creature. I cannot wait for the rest of this drama. Phenomenal. Yes, I will mention I noticed some discrepancies, however I think they were more than made up for by everything else in this drama. Loved the first two episodes. Fighting to the next part of the story!