Sunday, April 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Eunhyuk!

So Eunhyuk's birthday was actually a few days ago, but I completely spaced on posting about it, so here it is!!! Happy Birthday, Hyukjae!!!! Super Junior's Main Dancer had his birthday on the third of April! He turned 27 on Wednesday. Wow, Super Junior is sure growing into adults. And when a male becomes an adult it can only mean one thing, Military Service. I'm loathe to see Super Junior head towards Military Service but luckily, we have a little bit longer before Eunhyuk will take that path. This incredibly talented dancer and rapper is known as Super Junior's Monkey, or Anchovy. He's the one who always wears the Bean Sprout costume and he also dresses up like a giraffe. One of the three Mischievous Lee "brothers" of Super Junior, Eunhyuk makes it into the "Good looking Blonde KPop Idols" group. Happy Birthday Hyukie!!!

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