Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nail Shop Paris

Taking place in a Nail Salon called Paris, female blogger Hong Yeo Joo(KARA's Gyuri) decides she wants to work there, but it's a male employee only shop. She dresses like a boy, lands a job, and becomes quick friends with fellow employee Jin(MBLAQ's Thunder). We also have Alex(Jeon Ji Hoo), the oldest of the three flower boys, and the ice prince, Kay(Song Jae Rim), the middle of the three. Kay and Alex seem to have some sort of a history, I'm guessing Alex dated Kay's ex-girlfriend or she cheated on him with Alex, I think there was a girl involved. Rounding off the cast is Yeo Joo's best friend, roommate, and eventually Jin's girlfriend, Ji Soo(Han Soo Young), and the shop owner Gyeum Mi Ryeo(Kim Chae Yeon).
I'm interested in this drama solely for Thunder. There have been a lot of girls impersonating guys to get jobs type of dramas so when I heard that another one was being made, I rolled my eyes. Gyuri is too pretty to be a boy; her features are too feminine. Her eyes are too slanted and wide, eyebrows too well shaped, hands too pretty, and her cheeks too angular to pull off being a boy. She looks like a girl with a really bad haircut rather than a flower boy. Have you seen Gyuri's figure? She's curvy; I really don't think anyone would be convinced, let along the female who would be hiring her, of her being a boy. Yeah, even in that ugly maroon sweater, you can see her narrow waist and wide hips.

Jin on the other hand is cute. He's super happy and has great listening skills. Jin's mother is a fortune teller and he has inherited some of her supernatural gifts which he uses to make his costumers happy.
I'm confused by the story. This drama is listed as a Romantic Comedy but I've read that Jin gets closer to Yeo Joo so he can eventually become a couple with her roommate Ji Soo. Who does Yeo Joo end up with? Alex? Kay? Jin? Alone? I've heard nothing about Jin and she becoming a couple even though they are the lead male and lead female. Will this be a drama where the second lead male gets the girl? A nice change, but I am thoroughly confused. Why does she get a job at this particular nail salon? Couldn't she be a nail artist at a salon which doesn't hire only flower boys? Very confused, mostly due to the lack of information released, but I'll keep my eye out and watch this drama when it starts up. We shall see...

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  1. I would believe she's a flower boy. It's the haircut. But, not a fan of the girl dressing up as a guy thing at all.