Thursday, April 4, 2013

Love Blossom!

Aw, look how cute L is! So, I'm a little confused by the music video, and I couldn't help but laughing through a good portion of it. Did L shoot K.Will? Is that what was implied when they showed him taking a silencer off of a gun and then we saw K.Will lying dead in the operating booth? Does that poor, unsuspecting girl understand that he just killed a man to get back at his Sunbaes? L, I don't condone murder for revenge. K.Will seems like a nice person and I think that if you asked kindly and explained the situation, he would have left them on the ride for your sake. And where did the murder weapon go? Did L just leave it lying on the bench? Why did he stick around to smile and thus let his Sunbaes know that he killed a man to get revenge? Though they're currently passed out and sick, they still know who did it... Poor planning on L's part, but the music video was still cute, in a slightly dark way.
The song was pleasant and fit K.Will's voice very nicely and, while I'm not a huge K.Will fan, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Slight mistake they made in the video: After L has killed K.Will, he's eating a half eaten ice cream cone at 2:08, at 2:16 the ice cream cone is full, at 2:20 it's half way eaten again, at 2:22 it's melting onto his hand, and then at 2:25 the ice cream cone is once again full... The girl's ice cream cone also has problems as it is mostly melted at 2:24 and then mostly full at 2:29. This is not something I'm overly picky about, but it made me laugh.
One more thing I have to add: L's legs look very long in this video, and he looks fantastic in a slim cut suit.

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  1. First I would like to say that L looked ridiculous amounts of HOT. Wow. Second, this mv was hilarious! I'm still laughing about it!! What even happened? I agree with dramajunkie, L, we do not condone murder for any reason, even if you want to torture your coworkers? But thank you for a good laugh....too funny...