Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Jo Twins!!!!!!!

Today is the birthday of the Jo twins from Boyfriend!!! Cause one Jo isn't enough, there has to be tow of them! The Jo twins are Kwangmin and Youngmin. Youngmin is a visual, lead dancer, and sub-vocalist of Boyfriend while Kwangmin is a visual, lead dancer, and main rapper. These two are turning 18 today. Wanna know how to tell these two apart? Youngmin's eyes are slightly larger and his neck is slightly longer. Kwangmin's natural hair color is half a shade darker than Youngmin's, and Youngmin usually parts his hair left while Kwangmin parts his to the right. They are technically the same height but Kwangmin's shoulders rest just higher than Youngmin's because of Youngmin's longer neck. Youngmin's face is also longer than Kwangmin's. These two are so cute! I mean how can they not be cute when there're two of them?

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