Monday, April 22, 2013

Let's be serious

SHINee is releasing their music video for Why So Serious? from the second part of the Dream Girl album: The Misconceptions of Me. The music video will come out on Friday April 26th at noon, Korean time. I like the style of this music video better than the last music video. I wasn't wild about the mismatched printed suits and this concept looks a little more SHINee than those crazy suits. Seriously, please don't do those suits again. I'm not really sure what to expect from this song cause it has an interesting sound. It could be really cool. I hope it's a good song, but I wasn't expecting the upbeat sound from a title like Why So Serious? I blame Batman and the Joker, and maybe G-Dragon for tainting that phrase for me. Onew, I'm really happy that your hair is back. I did not like that red-orange, short, curly style on you.
Did anyone else notice something missing in this music video teaser? No? Let me give you a couple hints: 1, 2, 4, 5. Dino, Bling, Power vocalist. Jonghyun. Where is Jonghyun? Why are there only four members in this video? Oh right, Jonghyun got into a car accident and broke his nose. I think the Shawols would have waited for Jonghyun to get better. It's so sad to see only four members in this video. :( I love all of SHINee and would feel the same way if Onew were missing or Key, Minho, Taemin. SHINee needs all five members. Who's gonna belt out the high notes? Onew is good but he doesn't have the vocal range that Jonghyun does, and Taemin is getting better but he has a very long way to go before he's in Onew's and Jonghyun's league. *sigh* maybe he'll be in the live performances of it. :/ I am excited to see the dance for this song cause it looks like it'll be awesome!! April 26th!

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  1. Um. I LOVED SHINee's suits in Dream Girl!! I thought they were fantastic and so clever!! Hilarious? Yes, definitely. But So Awesome!! And from this short clip, I'm not sure I like the song that much...hopefully it grows on me...and I TOTALLY would've waited for Jonghyun!!!!!!!!!!!! How could they make this without him??!?!? So Sad...