Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Should Have Treated You Better

uBEAT is a U-Kiss subgroup. I was curious when I heard that U-Kiss would be doing a subunit with Eli, Kevin, and AJ cause I wanted to know what that sort of a group would sound like when it consists of three fluent English speakers, two of them rappers and one of them a singer. What type of songs would they produce? In U-Kiss' new album AJ and Eli did a rap/kind of singing party duet and Kevin did a ballad solo. So I expected a ballad with lots of rapping and that's kind of what we got. Should Have Treated You Better is a pop ballad with Kevin doing the main singing and Eli and AJ doing the rap sections and rapping in the background. Though I love these three and Kevin is amazing, this song was kind of forgettable. The music video almost felt a little awkward. I'm used to all five U-Kiss members dancing or just one of them singing; this was a little strange to watch the three of them just standing there, by the water, singing. And then there was that random three second dance section. I just didn't like this song or video... Sorry uBEAT, I still love you and I'll look for future songs, but I wasn't impressed with your debut.

f4fighting! here: I have to disagree with dramajunkie. I absolutely loved this song and mv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My three favorite members of U-kiss standing there looking way hot for me to just look at?? Wow I loved that. And the random three second dance section that they probably made up seconds before filming was ADORABLE!!! Made me happy. The girl I coulda done without though... As for the song, it's SO catchy. I was like dancing and (trying) to sing along! I LOVE the chorus especially Kevin's part. Nicely done, uBeat. I, too, am looking forward to future songs!!!

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