Thursday, April 25, 2013

Why So Serious?

I didn't love this song. I really liked the chorus but I wasn't wild about the rest of the song, something was missing, maybe Jonghyun, Jonghyun was missing, but it also didn't feel super SHINee to me. And where was Onew? He was in the video but he wasn't in the video that much and he didn't sing a lot, I thought that he was the leads singer, at least that's what his Wiki page says... I thought that maybe with Jonghyun having a broken nose and all, Onew would get more parts but I think he sang less in this song than in Dream Girl. *sigh*
I liked the dance and the second time I watched this video, I noticed that this was choreographed in a way that they could fit a fifth member in, so Jonghyun can perform live with them. Was Key doing the Zombie at 0:28? I think he was... I also noticed a few places where he should be singing so I'm really hoping that Taemin sang so much so they could replace  some of his parts with Jonghyun. *fingerscrossed* Yeah, Taemin sang a lot in this video. Minho also had a lot of rap parts and Key had a lot of singing/rapping parts.
I liked the costuming for this video, especially their green and grey suits. Loved that! And Key's plaid and leather pants, and Taemin's black top-hat, Key's black hat, Taemin's red top-hat, and Minho's black and white suit jacket. Much better than Dream Girl costumes (mostly those horrendous shorts Taemin was wearing). Did you see how long Minho's legs looked? I mean, I know they're long but but his legs looked so long. The last time I noticed how long Minho's legs were was Sherlock, when he was wearing those fantastic jeans. Speaking of fantastic. How do you spell hot? Three letters, KEY. I have always liked Key blonde, but now I absolutely love him blonde! The bleach blonde creates a great contrast to his features. So hot. I was also glad to see Taemin blonde again. I loved when he was blonde in the Japanese version of Lucifer and when he was blonde for SHINee in Barcelona and then he wasn't really blonde anymore, and now he's blonde again! Yay! Blonde is awesome!
I just had a few questions about this music video. Why was Minho playing with a steering wheel in the middle of a room? Did he not know that it wasn't attached to a car? Yeah, that looked a little odd to me. Why was Taemin singing into a stuffed rabbit's ears? And did they not care when another member stole the girl's attention? I swear Key would steal the girl from Onew in one frame and the next frame Onew would be sitting at a desk playing with a dog statue while Taemin steals the girl from Key. Why? I don't...? Whatever.
The title... Something about the title sound familiar... Something about them yelling that title made me think of another song... Why So Serious? I'm So Serious? I'm So Curious. Oh I'm Curious... Maybe not, maybe it's just me.
Really liked the chorus, didn't love the rest of the song, the music video was pretty good, and I loved the costumes and dance. Jonghyun, oppa! Get better soon! I miss your powerful voice; they really needed you in this song. I think the song would have been better with him singing. Holding out for live performances.

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