Sunday, November 10, 2013

City Hunter Drama Review

Summary: After South Korea kills 20 of it's 21, accidentally missing one, the special forces men in order to hide an attack they made to North Korea. Years later the sole surviver of the attack raises his dead best friend's son to become a tool for revenge in killing the men who ordered the attack.
Lee Yoon Sung is the boy built for revenge and after training and studying, he manages to get a job that lands him in the Korean Blue House where he is at the perfect potation for finding and attacking the men who made the attack command. With the help of his trusty best friend he starts working to capture and bring to justice those corrupt politicians who killed his father, and that's when he meets Kim Nana and falls in love with her.

Review: This drama was awesome. And it doesn't help that Lee Minho is, well to put it frankly, hot. Yeah, he's smokin' hot. So watching him totally kick the corrupt politicians where it hurts, was awesome. It's worth watching, though the ending left me confused... just a little, and I was pretty ticked in the second to last episode. Also, why do my favorite characters always die? Thank you pretty much every drama I've watched. Let my favorites live for once!!!!

So this is a really short post/review/summary, but the drama is really worth watching, if not for Lee Minho kicking butt and being all hot, then for the story, which is pretty good. And Lee Minho holding a gun covered in sweat and blood is a much welcomed bonus. :)

Rating: 8.5/10

Memorable Moment:
Episode 3!!!
Lee Yoon Sung has many awesome moments but I've decided to pick the moment when I decided he truly was awesome. Episode 3, Yoon Sung has just managed to capture, on video, the evil, terrible, politician Senator Lee confessing his own crime of stealing tax money.  Senator Lee leaves Yoon Sung with his minions and walks away. Yoon Sung waits till Senator Lee is gone to escape. And escape he does complete with slamming people into kitchen appliances and multiple kicks and punches until he runs into a very large man dressed like a chief. (side note: I was a little confused at the chief, like is he one of Senator Lee's minions in disguise? Or maybe he was having a rough day and just wanted to throw Lee Minho around? Maybe Senator Lee was only allowed to have so many minions in suits so one dressed like a chief? I'm still confused by this little detail but I got over it quickly. Whatever, back to the awesomeness about to ensue.) After getting tossed around for a little bit, Yoon Sung grabs the nearest object, a spoon, as the chief grabs the butcher nice nearby. Hmm, to the average eye this would look like Yoon Sung at a disadvantage, but if you've seen any of the Bourne movies, which I have, you'll know that a knife or a gun is no match for a ball pen or a book or a spoon; and Yoon Sung proves that by proceeding to beat the guy with the spoon then sends a flying kick into the man's back that effectively knocks him down. Replay about five times for the full effect. And then remember how to use the replay button when episode 16 rolls around and he's beating a guy with a water bottle.

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