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Queen In Hyun's Man drama review

The smartest of his day, noble born scholar Kim Boong Do(Ji Hyun Woo) is the only survivor of his family, who were all executed five years ago along with his wife, in the Joseon Dynasty. Choi Hee Jin(Yoo In Na), is a failed actress whose career takes off when former lover Han Dong Min(Kim Ji Woo) helps her land the role of Queen In Hyun in a new rising TV Drama. When Kim Boong Do receives a magic talisman that protects him from death by transporting him 300 years into the future, he accidentally meets Choi Hee Jin. Though the first two meetings between the two is less than ideal, she thinks he's a crazy person and he thinks she's a crazy person, the third meeting is a little smoother and because she's a total romantic, Hee Jin starts to fall in love with Boong Do. It doesn't take long for him to return her feelings and the two start on a difficult love story dealing with time, death, the troubles of being a rising star, and the consequences of changing history. It's one of those "love transcends the test of time", "love breaks all bonds", "love conquers all" type dramas.

This is the best Time Travel Drama I've seen so far, sorry Rooftop Prince, sorry Faith (I still love you two!), and while I didn't love the two leads individually, mostly just the female lead, they were wonderful as a couple. Okay, I actually really liked the Lead Male in this drama. A lot. His deadpan tone just cracks me up, his sense of humor is great,  and it's funny to watch him get jealous cause irrational emotions are not programmed into his calculating brain. Yeah, I was totally taken by him, wow. He's a great Male Lead. Two thumbs way up Ji Hyun Woo. (I love that the character keeps his Gat attached to his backpack while walking around Seoul)
Choi Hee Jin is a little ditzy and, without thinking, puts her whole heart and soul into everything she does, especially romance, so she ends up in a few unfortunate situations. She doesn't usually think before she acts which is a funny because Kim Boong Do calculates everything. For coming straight from the Joseon Dynasty, Boong Do catches on pretty quickly to modern day life and that peeved me just a little bit but I got over it early on in the drama. He's super smart, way smarter than her, and it's funny to watch her try and teach him the  "etiquette" of modern day Seoul cause he totally knows she's lying to him but because he's fallen for her, he doesn't care. One of the most romantic dramas I've ever seen, we get the chance to see what a KDrama couple could be like without the hassle of a Third Male Lead, a Third Female Lead, a disapproving parent, and Noble Idiot Syndrome. Is this drama without flaws? No, it has flaws, lots of them; plot flaws, character flaws, villain flaws, but not bad enough to keep me from loving it. Yoo In Na isn't the most convincing actress when it comes to crying, but luckily she only has a real sob session once. We don't get a real villain in this drama unless you count Time or an Evil Magic Talisman. While Boong Do has to deal with a man who wants to see him dead in his time, a King who is his friend but doesn't seem to trust him, and the consequences of misusing the charm meant to protect his life; Hee Jin doesn't have to deal anyone worse than a witchy co-worker.
I've always hated when rain just happens to start at a moment that either pushes two characters together or forces them apart, but I didn't mind in this drama. Actually, I kind of liked it. Bless the rain and the marvels it does.
Rating: 8.5/10

Memorable Moment:
This drama was FILLED with cute, cute telephone booth scenes, cute kiss scenes, cute date scenes, but I'm not going to pick a cute moment to talk about. Why? Cause while all the cute moments were super cute, and this drama produces one of the best kisses I've ever seen, next to Personal Taste's, and we also get one of my favorite OST's, I want to talk about a funny moment. Not one funny moment, but three and a half identical moments; and because the scene is replayed three and a half times, just in different settings, it is memorable.

Episode 6, Episode 8, Episode 11-ish, Episode 16
Jo Soo Kyung, Hee Jin's best friend and manager, decides that she needs to interview the prospective boyfriend, Boong Do. Regular interview questions are asked; Where do you live, what does your father do, where do you go to school, how do you pay for tuition? Boong Do answers honestly, sort of cause everything he tells her is from Joseon times, and Soo Kyung is quickly impressed by how perfect he seems to be.
First time this happened I didn't think anything of it, and then the second time I thought it was humorous, third time it became funny, and then the fourth time it happened while the credits rolled, I was laughing. What makes it funny is that Soo Kyung doesn't remember the other times she interviewed him, but he remembers. Mildly funny humor to give personality to the characters.

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