Thursday, November 14, 2013

Madly MV teaser! Woo!

Yeah, we have a teaser for FTISLAND's Madly! And to the teaser I say "That was it?" Seriously, that was a short teaser that gave us nearly nothing. That is very much of a teasers; we hardly even got to see the members. No worries, the MV will come out soon and we can listen to the sad sounding melody in its full miserable glory. No, the song won't be miserable but it will  probably be super pretty and heartbreaking and all of FTISLAND's fans will be sobbing their hearts out in love for their oppas/hyungs. I'm excited to hear the song cause it sounds very soft and completely different from some of my favorite songs by them, Hello Hello or Severely. Very excited. Come on Prima-donnas, I know you're all super excited. The 18th will be here soon!!!

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